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PS4 Crushes UK Records & Rivals | Break Out The Blue Bunting, But The Hard Work Starts Next Year

Jonathan Lester
PS4, Sony

PS4 Crushes UK Records & Rivals | Break Out The Blue Bunting, But The Hard Work Starts Next Year

The PlayStation 4 launched in the UK last Friday, and by the looks of things, the entire population of Hull bought one each.

At least that's what the data tells me, because Sony's new console sold a whopping quarter-million units in its debut weekend, trouncing the Xbox One and becoming the fastest-selling games console in UK retail history. Break out the blue bunting!

Let's talk numbers first. Official stats gatekeeper GFK Chart-Track first broke the news this morning alongside the software charts, confirming that the PS4 had sold over 185,000 units in its opening 48 hours. This might seem like a bizarrely arbitrary figure, but it's the 48-hour sales of the PSP, the previous record holder for fastest-selling console.

As such, Sony's slanty little black number is now the reigning champ, but we were champing at the bit for more specifics. Erm. Not sure how well that little pun works on paper, but let's run with it anyway.

Luckily MCV were well-positioned to deliver thanks to their network of retail sources, who confirmed that the PS4 managed to top over 250,000 sales in its first two days. This is roughly 100,000 more than the Xbox One managed during the same period (a figure of approximately 150K), though Nintendo are arguably more miffed by the milestone, seeing as Sony's console beat the Wii U's first-year sales in ONE WEEKEND. This is a spectacular achievement, especially since many pundits predicted that malaise and increasingly stretched income would dampen the start of console generation eight.

Are we surprised? Even a little? Not really. Sony were first out of the gate, cheapest out of the gate and frankly the gate is now a pile of matchsticks trampled by hordes of desperate buyers looking for a last-minute day one unit. More to the point: they earned it.

Throughout the last few months, Sony have driven home a consistent and coherent message; cementing the PS4 as a no-compromise games machine for gamers first and foremost. Without flam and fuss, they carefully laid out their vision of this generation: powerful hardware and easy distribution delivering a breadth of software from triple-A to indie and F2P in the same ecosystem - all of which fits into our current gaming routine rather than seeking to take over our living rooms. Though I'm loving Microsoft's strategy, there's no denying that smart TVs already provide that functionality as standard, and their messaging was erratic to put things mildly. At least they made some noise, unlike Nintendo, who forgot that advertising throughout the year might be a good idea.

The price was a masterstroke, of course. £349 is a steal considering the hardware on offer, and allows for some impressive visuals to say the least. Moreover, the likes of Warframe and DCUO means that, in a pinch, you can get gaming without paying a single penny more.

So it's a case of deserved success, then, but the hard work has just begun - and Sony know it (I daresay they're already back to the grindstone after a boozy long weekend). The PS4 could do with some more flagship marquee games to justify its existence, while various niggling UI issues and full voice command functionality need to be patched in soon. We're waiting for the indie games to arrive in full force, along with full reveals for Uncharted and other big exclusive hitters.

As we said in this weekend's podcast - the game's afoot, so all three consoles need to step up and deliver. Though we can worry about that after enjoying a very merry gaming Christmas, regardless of what platform we're on.

Plus, to be perfectly honest, Sony have more than earned themselves a nice bit of R&R until January.

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Anarchist  Dec. 2, 2013 at 15:25

Did you cut and paste most of that from Sony's press release, by any chance?

JonLester  Dec. 2, 2013 at 15:30

Nope. I'm too busy playing Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 for that, but we have to give credit where it's due.

Also there hasn't been an official release yet, but, you know, details.

Last edited by JonLester, Dec. 2, 2013 at 15:34
Crazy Jamie  Dec. 2, 2013 at 19:11

Did you cut and paste most of that from Sony's press release, by any chance?
Unwarranted. Not just because it should be quite obvious to anyone who reads Dealspwn even semi regularly that there is no particular brand loyalty in the office (or at least non that makes itself known through the writing), but because any impartial observer should be able to see that the article is spot on. I haven't bought either console, but am not at all surprised at this news. Sony have out done Microsoft significantly in the PR stakes in the past nine months or so, despite having the weaker launch line up. It's a long race and this is by no means indicative of future success, but Sony has clearly been quickest out of the blocks and the figures show that.

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