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PS4 Guide: How To Buy & Play US PSN Games In The UK

Jonathan Lester
PS4 games, PSN

PS4 Guide: How To Buy & Play US PSN Games In The UK

These days we're seeing more and more great PSN deals with huge savings and massive markdowns, most of which are cheap PSN keys sold by third-party retailers

The catch, of course, is that they can only be redeemed using a US PSN account.

Never fear: thankfully it's neither difficult nor time-consuming to buy and play US PSN games in the UK, and even eventually play them while signed in on your original account. Find out how in our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Make A US PSN Account

First things first: you'll need make sure you have another email address to use as your new PSN ID. You can't use the same email as your UK PSN account is registered to, so use or set up another account.

Then comes the easy bit: setting up your new US PSN account. You can do it in-browser or directly on your console by signing out of your UK account and selecting 'Create a User.' Just fill in all your details as normal, except ensure that your region is set to 'United States' and pop in your new/different email.

You'll then be asked for an address. This is as easy as just putting in a random street name, selecting a state and popping in a ZIP code. I don't know how accurate you need to be, but I found that a completely ficticious street name, "Los Angeles," "California" and "90001" sufficed. Use your imagination.

Then pop in your card details, chosen PSN ID, deal with a bit of marketing bumf, reply to a verification email and the account is yours.

Step 2: Buy US PSN game codes

PS4 Guide: How To Buy & Play US PSN Games In The UK

Now you have your shiny new US PSN account, there are two ways of buying games: directly from the PlayStation Store or from third-party retailers.

Buying and downloading from the PlayStation store is a cinch, but there's a unique problem: you need a valid American credit/debit card with a valid US billing address or a US-based PayPal Account. Thankfully there's a workaround: you can add credit to your US PSN wallet with gift cards, which you can buy from a number of sources. Read our PlayStation + deals guide for the cheapest prices and instructions, and this will do in a pinch. Remember that you need to buy US gift cards with Dollar Denominations! Once your account is topped up, just browse the store and buy what you like.

However, you can also get game keys from any number of third-party retailers, often cheaper than PSN itself. CDKeys often sell cheap PS4 game keys at considerable markdowns compared to the UK prices, and you can just easily set up a new account with them, while Amazon.com usually offers massive savings but you'll need to put in a little legwork first.

Creating an Amazon.com account requires you to provide a US shipping address. You won't actually need this address for anything, since you'll be buying PSN keys that are emailed directly to you, but it's a necessary evil that can be easily worked around. Either provide a random address (most famous US landmarks will work, just Google them), or if you want to be sure, why not create your own genuine US postal address using a service like Viabox or Borderlinx? It's free and you'll get a legitimate US shipping address.

Now just buy your games. Make sure they're digital PSN codes for the biggest savings.

Step 3: Redeem Your Code

Easy peasy. Just log into your US PSN account on your PS4, scroll down to 'redeem codes' and type the 15-digit code in. Download the game and you're set!

There's a handy guide here if you're really stuck.

Step 4: Play the games on your UK account

PS4 Guide: How To Buy & Play US PSN Games In The UK

So now you've got your games, but chances are you'll want to play them using your original UK account to get the all-important trophies etc. Thankfully this is absolutely possible, so long as you make your new US account your PS4's Primary Account.

It's an easy process. Log into your US account, the follow through Settings >> PSN >> Activate as Your Primary PS4 >> Activate.

Now you can log back into your UK account and all the downloaded US PSN games will be unlocked!

Looking for more PS4 deals? Check out our PlayStation + deals guide!

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NitrousX123  Mar. 16, 2015 at 15:38

the only issue with this is that any dlc that you want to play will be region locked

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