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PS4 Sells 2.1 Million Consoles Worldwide, Sony Thanks The Fans

Jonathan Lester
PS4, Sony

"We Couldn't Have Done This Without You"

Big numbers alert! Now that the PS4 has released both Stateside and in Europe, Sony have revealed that over 2.1 million units have been sold worldwide since launch - and they expect this figure to increase to more than double by next March.

In case you're interested, this 2.1 million figure includes European sales of 700,000 units, which itself includes 250,000 sales in the UK alone.

Sony are predictably very keen to crow about this accomplishment, but in a class act, remembered to thank the legions of pre-order and day one fans. "It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you," SCEE president Andrew House wrote on the EU PlayStation Blog. "I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence. The best part: the PS4 journey has just begun. In addition to an incredible line-up of PS4 games from the best developers in the world, we will continue to introduce valuable new features and services to PS4 in the months and years ahead."

"Thank you for your passion and your support – we couldn’t have done this without you."

So how do these numbers stack up? Favourably.

As of September 2013, the Wii U has sold roughly 3.91 million units since its November 2012 launch. Take from this what you will.

Microsoft are being somewhat cagier with their figures. Last we heard, Xbox One matched the PS4's day one sales with a million units sold in the first 24 hours, but this didn't take the PS4's European and UK launch into account.

Looking ahead, Sony predicts that three million PS4s will be sold before the end of 2013, and five million by March 2014. [source: Le Figaro via PSU]

We suspect that the PS4 will secure an early lead over the Xbox One, due mainly to its incredibly competitive price and Sony's confident messaging over the last few months. As we discussed in a recent article, they thoroughly earned their strong sales, both in terms of strong marketing and a no-fuss, no-compromise party line. The gap may well close as Microsoft deploys more heavy-hitters like Titanfall and Halo, alongside more effective advertising to show off how sensational Kinect actually is (releasing in Nordic territories and a £399.99 price cut wouldn't hurt either!), but this Christmas will likely go to Sony. I'm no analyst, so I won't be drawn into talking numbers.

But this article isn't really about Microsoft or Nintendo: it's about the PS4 and the 2.1 million+ gamers who bought one. It's an impressive achievement, if one that needs to be followed up with more quality exclusive software.

Are you still considering buying a PS4? Holding off until the games lineup increases? Got involved on Day One? Let us know - and be sure to check out Matt's exhaustive PlayStation 4 review.

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Crazy Jamie  Dec. 3, 2013 at 14:07

Fair play to Sony on this one. They have handled the run up to the launch (as in the last nine months or so) very well and have been rewarded for it. Now it's all about where they go from here; there is still a very long way to go.

Personally I am happy with my decision to hold off on buying either the PS4 or the Xbox One for now. I expect I will get one of them around this time next year when the game libraries have been further developed, any faults or issues have come to the surface, and we have an idea of the direction that each console is going in with regards to any future developments. Until then I still have a huge PS Plus and Steam backlog to get through which will keep me more than satisfied.

poppypop  Dec. 3, 2013 at 14:23

yep sold 2.1 million and got 1 million returned broken lmao

Jerec  Dec. 4, 2013 at 09:20

I will get one in the summer next year when we have a better line up of games, but I will get one, thats for certain.

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