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PS4 & Spotify is a match made in heaven

Jonathan Lester
PS3, PS4, Sony, Spotify

PS4 & Spotify is a match made in heaven

Goodbye Music Unlimited. Good riddance to bad rubbish. After a year of frankly embarrassing music solutions, as the PS4 found itself with limited functionality and tethered to a restrictive publisher-backed subscription, Sony are finally bringing out the big guns in terms of a partnership with Spotify.

Put simply, it's about time too and fantastic news.

PlayStation Network members will be able to sign into their Spotify Premium accounts on PS3, PS4 and Xperia Smartphones, granting immediate access to an enormous range of streaming music. Since a great many of us already subscribe to Spotify, it's a no-brainer: why not use the subscriptions we already have to enhance our gaming experience? Shuttering Music Unlimited must have hurt, but we're glad to see it go.

PS4 & Spotify is a match made in heaven

Perhaps more importantly, though, the new Spotify service will allow you to set up custom soundtracks and playlists in-game, running in the background. "Want something heavy and rocking for an intense Destiny Raid? How about some old school hip hop while taking the field in Madden NFL? With more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists, Spotify on PlayStation Music has it covered," bleats the press release in sickeningly trendy fashion, but the fact is that they're right -- this is a fantastically convenient service that cleverly ties into a monthly payment we already make, content we already consume and a trusted brand we already use.

Even though I miss the days when I could copy a CD onto my console's hard drive and listen to it in-game, the fact is that those days are over and this is by far a more convenient solution. A match made in heaven, effectively. Sony really has managed to get the jump on entertainment apps this generation, and despite the lengthy wait, now seems ready to address the dearth of music options in a meaningful and convenient way.

PS4 & Spotify is a match made in heaven

Then again, I'm still not letting Sony off the hook quite yet. It's time for DLNA streaming and media centre extender functionality now! And please, for the love of all that is holy, MUTE YOUR HEADSETS IN MULTIPLAYER!

Music Unlimited is set to expire in March. Will you plan on using the new Spotify service? What are your favourite custom gaming soundtracks? Let us know in the comments!

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