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PS4 Ustream Isn't Console-Exclusive

Jonathan Lester
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PlayStation 4

PS4 Ustream Isn't Console-Exclusive

The PS4's streaming tech, powered by Ustream, stole the show at Sony's New York reveal. Players will be able to share and stream live game footage to their friends and the internet at large, but Ustream have revealed that it's a ubiqutious service slated for multiple devices - perhaps even other next-gen consoles.

Like Durango, perhaps?

Ustream boss Brad Hunstable was keen to stress that the one-button streaming functionality is designed to be ubiquitous, not an exclusive PS4 feature, in an interview with IGN who posed him the question directly. “No, it’s not [exclusive]”, he replied, “There’s not something I can announced today, but we will…  again, I go back to our strategy, which is to be ubiquitous as well."

“I want to bring live broadcasting – that’s our mission – to broadcasters of all sizes, but also viewers, wherever they are. We are laser-focused on making sure that happens.”

When asked about other next-gen consoles, Hunstable remained coy on the matter, but this is definitely food for thought. Could the next Xbox also feature Ustream in some capacity?

Here's hoping that the service holds up better than the press conference feed, mind.

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Breadster  Mar. 1, 2013 at 20:42

Well that's a bit of a blow to my interest in the PS4, but still, Microsoft better have some impressive features to compete, especially in terms of what Live offers for its price tag assuming it doesn't get any cheaper.


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