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#PS4noDRM Campaign Urges Sony To Adopt Open Used Game Stance

Jonathan Lester
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#PS4noDRM Campaign Urges Sony To Adopt Open Used Game Stance

Gosh, it's easy to campaign against stuff these days. Just tweet, stick in a hashtag and fight the machine, you big rebel you. All without having to smash any windows or even put on pants.

The machine, in this case, being Sony - whose stance on whether the PS4 will restrict the sale, rental and lending of used games hasn't yet been made clear. A major campaign, which started on NeoGAF, is gaining traction and attention from key Sony executives, and urging them to not follow Xbox One's deeply unpopular pre-owned policies.

The campaign urges gamers to tweet at Sony personnel using #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES hashtags, and has already gotten some responses from some of Sony's top brass.

"This is why I love PlayStation fans - the passion bucket overflows," Sony's head of hardware marketing John Koller tweeted in response to the campaign.

"Humbled by the outpouring of passionate PlayStation fans and their willingness to talk to us directly," said SCEA producer Nick Accordino. "Please know that we hear you. <3"

"I love passionate #PlayStation Fans!!", Sony Worldwide Studios product boss Scott Rohde also stated, while notably not commenting further.

Microsoft's pre-owned games strategy is still apparently being finalised, but we will almost certainly have to tether games to specific accounts and play for extra licenses (not to mention only trading games in at specific participating retailers runnign the Azure framework). Sony have remained silent on the issue beyond promising to "do the right thing" - which is of course a very relative term.

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