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PSA: Expect long install times for Xbox One games today

JonLester |  Nov. 22, 2013 at 13:14

My Xbox One has taken pride of place in the AV cabinet, lording it over my other devices with its IR Blaster and listening intently to my every command. Well, so long as I say the exact name of the game or app I want it to run (remember to say: "Xbox: More shortcuts!"). Either way, initial impressions are great for Microsoft's next-gen console, save for one irritating niggle.

The initial day-one patch is a fairly speedy affair (I clocked it at around the 45-minute mark), but installing/downloading games is a different story. My bundled digital copy of FIFA 14 has taken the best part of an hour to install a meagre 4%, while users around the internet are reporting similar problems - both for download games and disc-based titles.

EDIT: I suspect that the Xbox Live marketplace is creaking under the strain, meaning that day-one patches are taking an age to download. They're downloaded and installed automatically as part of the installation procedure - hence why disc titles are taking some time to install. Download games are absolutely crawling.

We assume that this is probably a teething issue due to the strain on Xbox Live that will normalise soon - hopefully very soon. Let us know how you're getting on!

EDIT 2: The UK is getting back from school and work. Parcel deliveries are beginning in the US. Here we go... it's gonna be an interesting 12 hours from here on out!

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Late  Nov. 22, 2013 at 14:34

Two hundred thousand new state-of-the-art servers.

wtg Microsoft ;)

A mate of mine got his console at lunchtime today, and did the mandatory day 1 patch about an hour ago. Said it was done before he'd put all his packaging back in the box - less than five minutes.

Haven't tried any game downloads myself (my console was Forza edition, and the game was on disk). I think it had a game patch, but it was a very quick download.

Haven't used any of my QR codes yet.

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JonLester  Nov. 22, 2013 at 17:05

Updated. Microsoft's servers are getting hit hard now that us Brits are getting back from work and school, while the US is well into their morning and consoles are being delivered. Title updates (some of which are around 6GB eg Forza) are automatically downloaded as part of the install procedure, so this is what's taking the time.


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