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PSN: 10% off PS3, PS4 & Vita games this weekend with voucher code

Jonathan Lester
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PSN: 10% off PS3, PS4 & Vita games this weekend with voucher code

Sony has announced that they'll be distributing a 10% off voucher code to PSN subscribers to apologise for the many outages over the Christmas break.

"The discount will be valid from 9.00am GMT on 23rd January until 9.00am GMT on 26th January," explains the PlayStation Blog. "Simply use the promotion code for a one-time 10% discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase in PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or via store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com." PS Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited subs and rental video content are not eligible, but game pre-orders and DLC definitely will be.

So what is the voucher code, then? Sadly we have no idea, because Sony hasn't revealed it yet! According to an official comment on the US PlayStation Blog, they'll reveal it on the blogs and social channels nearer the time, so stay tuned.

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SavageDonkey  Jan. 20, 2015 at 11:48

I'm sorry you couldn't use our service over Christmas... here have 10% off our extortionate prices and buy more games that you won't be able to play when you really want to.

Is this a gift or a punishment?

Must admit I'll need a very good reason to purchase a game digitally from now on (this after installing a 2tb disk lol).

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