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Got a US PSN account? The Last Of Us Remastered is now just £17.99

Jonathan Lester
PS4 games, The Last OF Us: Remastered

Got a US PSN account? The Last Of Us Remastered is now just £17.99

Got a US PSN account? And a PS4, obviously? If so, you can take advantage of this cheap The Last Of Us Remastered deal!

You'll get the visually overhauled version of one of last generation's best games, complete with DLC, for only £17.99. It's an utter bargain... but again, you can only redeem the code with US PSN account! Meaning that you'll either need to already have one, be prepared to make one or, erm, you are in fact American. Hi, transatlantic chum!

You can even get an extra 5% off with the Facebook voucher code - links at the top of the store page. Thanks techo!

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asdvj  Feb. 11, 2015 at 14:15

If you have an American account why not use an American site to get the game? Gamedealdaily is one and it has the game cheaper, it only costs about £13 when converted from $ to £

see: http://gamedealdaily.com/playstation-4/the-last-of-us-remastered-full-game-download/


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