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PSP 3000 Console + Invizimals £99.99 @ eBay: Argos Outlet [PSP Games]

Felix Kemp
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PSP 3000 Console + Invizimals £99.99 @ eBay: Argos Outlet [PSP Games]

Argos' eBay outlet is currently clearing stock, and among its discounted products is a stack of PSP 3000s with a copy of Invizimals included, all for just a penny shy of £100!

The PSP 3000 is the latest version of Sony's ever-changing portable games console. Either their R&D team is considerably bored, or the Sony brass think we're all an excitable bunch prone to geeking out at a new and improved version of a device we already own (Wait...), but the PSP is liable to change almost every year, so hurry up and grab the 3000 while it's still the latest model!

Invizimals, which I'm sure is a fan favourite for all you Dealspwn readers, is an augmented-reality game, which despite sounding like something out of Minority Report is actually just a Pokemon-ripoff with a camera-twist. Attaching a PS Eye camera to the 3000 allows you to interact with the menagerie of critters crawling around on the screen.

We at Dealspwn don't usually post stuff off eBay, but this is Argos' official clearance outlet, and we can assure you its a trustworthy and reliable site to purchase from. Although if you're not familiar with the ins and outs of eBay buying, I'd suggest brushing up on the site's Help menu.

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Eric  Nov. 8, 2010 at 12:12

It is nothing like Pokemon!!!!!! Invizmals are invisible unless you have the camera idiot!screw your self!!!!


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