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From PSP Minis To Fable 3: News Roundup August 19th

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GamesCom is the focus of today’s news, with announcements coming left, right and centre. Sony reveal “minis”, new bite-size games available for the PSP Go at incredibly cheap prices, Fable 3 is announced for the Xbox 360, zombie shooter Dead Nation is revealed for PSN, and more details are uncovered regarding Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

PSP Go Gets Minis

From PSP Minis To Fable 3: News Roundup August 19th

In a move drawing more comparisons between the iPhone and PSP Go, Sony announce “Minis” at GamesCom. These Minis are small games with a 100MB limit, offering bite-sized gaming for cheap. Sony showed Tetris and Fieldrunners as two examples, and revealed 15 minis will be available with the PSP Go upon release. The similarity with the iPhone is the popular App store, allowing several small games to be released every day, thanks to its open development platform. The games have been revealed to price at 1, 2, or 5 Euros, so possibly will see release in the U.K for 1, 2, or 5 Pounds.  [Engadget]

Fable 3 Announced

From PSP Minis To Fable 3: News Roundup August 19th

Following Lionhead’s recent hints focusing on historical leaders and revolutionaries, Peter Molyneux took to the stage at GamesCom and announced Fable 3. Molyneux believes they could surprise gamers with the story, and provide something “new, fresh, and different.” Molyneux also curiously stated “I think there's something fundamentally wrong with RPGs like Fable... It's a mechanic that's been there since the eighties. I'm going to take that foundation stone and throw it away.” Of course what this “foundation stone” is remains unclear.

This recent hint ties in with Fable 3 by allowing you to become the ruler of the world of Albion. Molyneux wants players “to feel and experience what it's like to be a ruler.” Taking the role of either the son or daughter of the hero from Fable 2, the game will focus around starting a revolution against the current king. Once you're part of the monarchy, i'ts then up to you to handle all the responsibilities a king or queen has, such as helping the poor, or deciding tax rates. Of course your actions will have consequences, depending basically on how nice or evil you are. Fable 3 is confirmed for 2010, but not to be expected early in the year.  [MCVUK]

Dead Nation Revealed For PSN

From PSP Minis To Fable 3: News Roundup August 19th

Housemarque are a team mostly known for PSN shooter Super Stardust HD. Back in April they promised their next upcoming PSN exclusive will be revealed at GamesCom, and thankfully they kept their word. Dead Nation is a zombie game played from an overhead camera angle, drawing comparisons with Left 4 Dead. Dead Nation is headed for a New Years Eve release date.  [1UP]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Details Revealed

From PSP Minis To Fable 3: News Roundup August 19th

Famitsu magazine recently revealed a few details regarding upcoming  Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, focusing mainly on the multiplayer aspects of the game. Peace Walker takes place in 1970’s Costa Rica, as you lead a group of mercenaries as Naked Snake. The game will follow a similar structure to Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, being a more mission based Metal Gear.

Some missions may be completed as a pair, allowing for many new possibilities. One player distracting a guard while the other sneaks up from behind being one such example. Famitsu also point out players will have a ring around them during gameplay, similar to a hula hoop. Overlapping these rings with each other lets you share equipment with your partner as well as other unspecified benefits.  [1UP]

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Mike Hock (Of Bitter Wallet fame)  Aug. 20, 2009 at 07:39

Naked Snake? Is this an 18 rated game then?


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