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PSP Slim & Lite 2000 Series £99.99 @ WHSmith

Matt Gardner
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PSP Slim & Lite 2000 Series £99.99 @ WHSmith

These babies are quite rare these days, with Sony putting most of its faith in the divisive PSPGo or concentrating on the widely rumoured PSP 2. The PSP-2000 is not the ultimate UMD media leviathan, that would be the 3000 series with the shinier screen, but it comes pretty damn close and is still not quite the brick that the original machine was.

WHSmith are selling the nifty little handheld for just under £100 at the moment, which is pretty damn good as all nearly all of the competition is either out of stock, only selling the PSPGO or second hand versions or have a price point of £20-30 more. If you fancy getting in on some PSP action, and have noticed that you can buy UMDs for dirt cheap at the moment, then this might just be the deal for you.

I love my PSP, I never go travelling without it. Combining impressive PS2 power with relative portability and a swathe of media possibilities, it's my jumbo jet/train/bus/Tube accessory of choice. It's also great for playing on the loo and has something that even the Xbox 360 doesn't have: free wireless connectivity and a web browser.

This version can boast being 19% thinner and 33% lighter than the original PSP  (reduced from 23 mm to 18.6 mm and from 280 grams to 189 grams). Just try not to drop it, as they've removed the shock absorbent metal chassis to make for a less hefty model.

I'd seriously advise that you buy this over the PSPGo. for now, anyway.

Thanks to ianshona at HUKD

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Jonathan Lester  Mar. 19, 2010 at 15:20

Absolutely, I'd recommend the PSP Slim over the GO any day. It's a fantastic piece of kit, though it's fairly fragile- make sure you get a hard case or screen protector!

However, I find my PSP gathering dust in favour of the DS lately simply due to the lack of regular 3rd party software support. The quality of the best games on the system is absolutely stunning, but there simply isn't the volume to sustain it at present.

Gunn  Mar. 19, 2010 at 16:06

It is though much like the difference between the PS3 fat and slim, the PSP 1000 feels a higher quality product and the UMD drive less flimsy.

Jerec  Mar. 19, 2010 at 16:29

But the PSP2000 can also be hacked and is a lot lighter then the 1000 (which I own!) so I'm very tempted!

Jerec  Mar. 19, 2010 at 16:30

And don't for get WHSmiths amazing 0.5% cashback! Thats an EXTRA 50p OFF!!!111!!11!


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