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From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

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Michael Jackson's death wouldnt affect us in gaming land, right?  Wrong.  Michael Jackson, Square Enix spreading mischief, outraged PSP fans and news of an Uncharted movie are squeezed into todays news round-up.


From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

Potential customers and even retailers are complaining about the hefty price tag the PSP GO is flaunting. Upon release retailing for $250 in the USA and with UK game outlet GAME currently offering a guide price of £230, it has been hard to justify why this piece of hardware is selling for over double the price of the original PSP. Some have hailed the machine as Sony’s answer to the Apple iPhone with SCEA PR manager Al De Leon stating the "significant reduction in the (cost of) development tools” can allow developers to do more with the device.

While still focusing mainly on games the PSP GO will be able to support other non-gaming applications. This is not enough however as some UK retailers are failing to receive even a single pre-order. Sony looks unlikely to change this price before release despite protests as gamers get ready to kiss their savings goodbye. [1 Up]

Jacko’s Gaming Comeback

From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

Michael Jackson may possibly be the most celebrated solo artist of all-time, but let’s face it; he was hardly regarded as the “King of Gaming”. Other’s obviously disagree although as since the singers death yesterday fans have been requesting the re-release of the 1990 arcade “hit” Michael Jacksons Moonwalker. The game involves taking control of Michael Jackson as he dances his way through the game in an attempt to rescue a group of children from the clutches of evil baddie Mr. Big (and no not the cheeseball from Sex and the City). Whether this will return with a blaze of success or not remains to be seen. [Vator]

Uncharted To Hit The Big Screen

From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

Naughty Dogs Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the PS3 is the latest game to be given the Hollywood treatment as Colombia Pictures have picked up the rights for the movie adaption. The game has been one of the PS3’s most highly rated exclusives and Colombia hope to translate this success into the movie. The game follows a treasure hunter named Nate Drake who believes he has learned the whereabouts of El Dorado, a city literally made out of gold, competing with a rival treasure hunter to get there first. Move over Indy? [GameSpy]

Mysterious Countdown Placed On Square Enix Homepage

From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

The gaming world is quite unsure on how to perceive this countdown. Once it runs out what will happen? Will a prophecy be fufilled resulting in impending doom forcing us to meet our maker? As Square Enix deal mostly in games this is probably untrue. Kotaku suggests this is referring to the four warriors of light, a name trademarked earlier in the month. It may also allude to Final Fantasy 1, where the heroes were referred to as such. [JoyStiq]

Sony Look To Expand The PSN Network

From PSP GO To Wacko Jacko: News Roundup June 26th

Kaz Hirai announced on CNN that the PSN Network must expand beyond the realms of the PS3 in order to unlock its true potential. Sony intend to create a Network linking together many Sony products and hint at the possibility of rewarding loyal Sony customers in the form of discounts or premium services. They intend to have this improved network service up and running by spring 2010, including improvements such as better transition of media from camera to TV, and sharing content with friends. [Joystiq]

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