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PSP Go! White £156.22 @ Misco

Matt Gardner
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PSP Go! White £156.22 @ Misco

The PSP Go! does for the big brick that is the PSP what Sony tend to do to all of their consoles eventually: it makes it much smaller and more refined. The PSP Go! jettisons the UMD drive in favour of exclusively digital distribution meaning that you can now play Crisis Core on the train without having to carry the case around. It's also small enough to now slip into your pocket without making you look like you're permanently aroused.

If you've been wondering whether or not to buy a PSP for your portable gaming needs, then this might just tip you over the edge. The PSP Go! is a great place to start for the portbale gamer, and you can pick one up for a limited time at Misco for £156.22. Considering that most vendors such as Tesco, Amazon and Play all have the console listed for around £199, you'll be making an absolute killer of a saving.

The PSP Go! comes with 16GB of internal memory, which can then be upgraded to 32 GB if need be. There's added Bluetooth compatibility and a new multi-use USB connector that allows both for chrging the console and also for video and sound output, replacing the separate TV-OUT functionality on older models. The PSP Go! is 43% lighter, and 56% smaller than the original PSP, making it perfect for portability.

Or so it would seem.

You see, to be honest, I can't truly recommend this to anyone who already has a PSP. This is not an upgrade option for portable gamers because there's absolutely no UMD support, you can't even port over games you've already bought which, to me, seems like a massive oversight on Sony's part. The idea, at the moment, is that the Go! and the PSP 3000 will run concurrently, but why you'd buy this when you already have UMDs floating around is beyond me. It strikes me as either development incompetence or a hugely cynical business strategy, and it's probably the latter. I probably wouldn't buy one just yet, but then I already have a PSP and a large UMD library.

However, if you're new and just coming to the PSP party, this could be a perfect place to start, especially if you don't buy new games every two weeks. It's normally very expensive, but that's what makes this deal so good. The Go! is a stunning piece of kit, and just how they've managed to pack so much power into so little space is most impressive. For the man, woman or child on the move who wants to listen to music, surf the web,carry a library of films and play PS2 quality games  all in the same journey, this is a very sound option indeed.

Thanks to mofokiss at HUKD

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