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PSP GO White Console £149.99 @ play.com [PSP Gaming]

Jonathan Lester
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PSP GO White Console £149.99 @ play.com [PSP Gaming]

The PSP GO is a great looking piece of hardware, but its staggering launch price and lack of physical media has proved extremely controversial with gamers. However, play.com have shaved £75 off its RRP and provide a saving of £21 compared to Best Gadgetry, the closest price rival.

Firstly, I need to make something very clear. Current PSP owners should not buy this product.

It isn't an upgrade to the existing console- rather, the PSP GO is a step sideways that cuts out the UMD drive and makes the  games library completely downloadable. You'll basically have to sell your existing games collection and buy them all over again. Seriously, if you've already got a PSP then you should stop reading right now.

However, the PSP GO presents an intriguing alternative to the standard 3000/4000 console if you're new to the Sony portable scene. The gorgeous white design and large screen make it the sexiest handheld around, and the recessed thumbstick is a lot more responsive and comfortable than the original models. The battery life and operating system have also been improved, making the GO a very nifty little gadget.

Unfortunately, the software support lets it down. Trawling the online PSN store with the integrated browser is easy as pie... but there's no competition to keep the prices down. Sony can charge whatever it likes for its downloadable games and content- and almost every title is much more expensive than a cheap physical copy (with the exception of the occasional PSN sale). Also, you're effectively stuck with the games on the memory stick until you find some decent internet connection- you can't just carry around a bag of UMDs anymore! Consider yourself warned.

With rumours of the upcoming 'PSP 2' wafting around, this probably isn't the right time for most people to invest in the PSP GO. Still, if you're a hardcore Sony fan with fast internet and a craving for style then this is the best price around.

Thanks to niminator at Hot UK Deals

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dunfyboy  Feb. 21, 2010 at 01:40

Still don't see the point of this. Get an old model, buy cheap games, sell them on when you're done or buy the PSP Go, pay through the nose for games from PSN, spend hours downloading them and no resell value. The Go is such a bad idea it should actually be cheaper than the old models IMO

stuart  Feb. 21, 2010 at 09:46

its a good price for it (i've got the white) but i'd reccommend everyone to get a psp3000 & a 16GB card, which should be around the same price. this is unless the cost of games doesnt bother you!

its weird, the pricing of PS3 & PS1 games on the PSN is absolutely great! i've bought alot!
but if you look at PSP games on the store they are shockingly overpriced! new releases half minute hero is £12.99 yet £23.99 on the store, socom is £17.99 & £24.99 on the store (& didnt work online for launch!). fifa 09 & 10 are both £29.99! pspmini games are £2.49-£4.99 yet most are the same games on the iphone/touch where they are 59p-£1.79

for the PSPgo to survive they need to reduce ALL PSP game prices & add ALOT more older games to the store. i suggest that new releases should be priced £12.99-£19.99, older games £5.99-£9.99

MattyPlant  Feb. 21, 2010 at 19:14

Get an old school one like me, and play it for free instead!

stuart  Feb. 21, 2010 at 20:41


having said that i have a psp phat to demo games before i buy! if i like i buy, if i dont i delete!

Jonathan Lester  Feb. 21, 2010 at 23:35

I completely agree. The overpriced games have effectively neutered the PSP GO, which could've been a serious handheld contender if handled correctly.

MahiSona  Jul. 3, 2017 at 08:04

No One is going to n=buy this until he or she know the value of this thing in 2010 Price Less Portable and Undistructable


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