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Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!

Tamsin Oxford

It’s pumpkin time!

Halloween week is upon us so to celebrate I’ve grabbed the best video game pumpkin carvings on the net for you to enjoy.

It never fails to impress and amaze me when people create these incredible images on the humble pumpkin. These round orange blobs are transformed into fantastical creatures and characters that must either terrify or tantalise anyone passing by. Probably the former if they’re not gamers (snigger).

Check out these impressive Halloween pumpkins...

1. Mario

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!

Dude, this must have taken hours and hours to create! I discovered this Mario pumpkin on gaygamer.net and spent ages staring at it. Look at the detail. Whoever created this had an impressive eye for three dimensional carving.

2. Wii

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Hahahah, I love the disembodied hand emerging from the side of the pumpkin and the intricate detail on the wiimote. Genius craftwork here. This was discovered courtesty of techblog.

3. Pac Man

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
In a toast to one of the greatest classics of all time, here is the pumpkin commemorating one of arcade gaming’s biggest heroes. Go on Pac Man, get ‘im! Next up, Miss Pac Man’s love dance across your pixellated pumpkin screen (thanks to jjgames).

4. Mortal Kombat

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Snigger, snort, giggle. For those who don’t play games, driving past this chap must’ve caused more than one person to veer uncontrollably away. Personally I think the black car in the background is a recovering driver. Described on JJgames as the “Mortal Kombat finishing move” it made me laugh until I cried.

5. World of Warcraft

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
I’m surprised that this WoW fan had the time to get into carving such a detailed design seeing as it was probably taking precious seconds away from grinding for his latest epix. But, I’m glad he (or she) did. It’s magical and I’d even consider buying that to put on my porch. Yeah.

6. Stormrage

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Oh man, this is just incredible. Look at the unbelievable amount of work that’s been put into making Stormrage from WoW as realistic as possible. Every talon, vein and embellishment looks fantastic with the light glowing menacingly behind them. Blizzard should be giving out Halloween medals methinks (image discovered at joystiq).

7. Shadow of the Colossus

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
I love this. Totally perfect for sneaking onto the lawn of somebody who’s really, really annoyed you recently. A quiet whistle will have them looking out their window and running screaming for their Mommy. It’s stunning. And scary.

8. Link from Zelda

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Brilliant. A round of applause for the excellent depth of field on this chap. It boggles the mind that somebody was able to create this. I’m still not entirely sure I believe that this is actually a pumpkin.

9. Boba Fett

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Of course he counts! He was in the movies and anything to do with Star Wars counts, doesn’t it? This Boba Fett carving is pretty impressive and was done by fans on bobafettfanclub. I will, however, confess to being a little disturbed by the fact that there is such a fan club...

10. Bender

Pumpkin-tastic Game Carvings!
Another grabbed from the Joystiq pumpkin carving competition, this time from 2009. There are just so many impressive ones on there that I can’t resist. I would even go so far as to say that this carving is way better than the Futurama game ever was.

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Lydia Low  Oct. 29, 2009 at 20:07

I can't believe no one has commented. These are so amazing!

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