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Punchout £8.79 @ eBay: Argos Outlet [Wii Games]

Felix Kemp
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Punchout £8.79 @ eBay: Argos Outlet [Wii Games]

If the surplus of colourful, cute and candy-coated games available on the Wii isn't sating your desires to wreak carnage on another's face, then Punchout on the Wii might be just for you. And at only £8.79 on Argos' eBay outlet, it's a bargain!

A long running series dating back to arcade machines from 1984, Punchout is a classic old-school boxing title, it earned an 86 on MetaCritic, earning several perfect scores from well-known sites like 1UP and Giant Bomb, citing the multiplayer as a great addition.

The concept is simple. In Punchout, you're a boxer, fan-favourite underdog, Little Mac. Armed with the Wiimote and nunchuck, you'll control Mac like never before, as the motion-sensors track your movement as you hold your guard, throw a right hook and jab with the left. However, if you're yearning for the old-school ways, then Punchout can still be played with the Wiimote held sideways like a classic controller.

Punchout has a wonderfully wacky cartoon aesthetic, although some more damage indications would have been nice. It's Nintendo, so I'm not expecting ruptured retinas and dislocated jaws, but a bruised eye and bloody nose wouldn't go amiss!

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