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Puppeteer E3 Trailers Reveal New Powers & Pre-Order Bonuses

Jonathan Lester
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Puppeteer E3 Trailers Reveal New Powers & Pre-Order Bonuses

Three new trailers for Puppeteer, the bonkers PS3 exclusive that sees players assume the role of a puppet in a surreal stage show, give us a look at some newly-announced platforming abilities. Donning hero heads allows the diminutive Kutaro to leverage powerful new skills, such as becoming a hook-slinging pirate or burly wrestler.

A bonus DLC pack will also be available for pre-order customers. Footage and details below.

E3 Trailer

Moon Pirate's Head

Wrestler's Head

Pre-order customers will net themselves an extra DLC pack, which includes:

  • The Original Soundtrack created by composer Patrick Doyle.
  • PSN Avatars Kutaro, the Moon Witch, and the villain Moon Bear King.
  • Dynamic Custom Theme featuring hand-drawn concept art from all seven acts of Puppeteer.

Puppeteer launches on September 11th in Europe. Here's hoping it's worth all that in-game applause (and isn't too similar to LittleBigPlanet, which we already have...). [US PlayStation Blog]

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