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Pure £9.99 @ ShopTo.Net [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
PS3 games, Pure, Racing Games
Playstation 3

Pure £9.99 @ ShopTo.Net [PS3 Games]Pure is a completely over the top, arcade - style - off - road racing game in which you fly through various levels at such high speed and gaining such ludicrous amounts of air, it feels like you’re on some insane roller coaster ride. The game is completely absurd but also a hell of a lot of fun – even for someone like me who generally hates racing games.

So if you’ve been waiting for the price of this one to come down, it’s currently going for £9.99 on Shopto. For under a tenner this is a good deal, as looking over price comparison the next cheapest copy is going for almost £3 more at simply games.

Obviously Pure is by no means a driving simulator. The gameplay is too insane for it to be anything less than a larger than life piece of pure entertainment. Shooting up massive jumps at about 200mph, your little quad bike is sent soaring higher than a Bowing 747. Then, as you descend like those BMXers from E.T. , you can pull off the most ludicrous series of gravity deifying tricks.

In fact, although I have avoided it so far, the best way to describe the gameplay is 'intense’. If you look over the IGN review you actually start to wonder how many times it is possible to stick the word ‘intense’ in the same article. But you have to forgive them, as this is a game which is so intense it  makes you pull the most ridiculous series of facial expressions while you play.

On the downside some people accuse the game of lacking depth because it’s simply about speed, massive jumps and yes, intense gameplay, but if you ask me, this is precisely what makes it so good.

Pure £9.99 @ ShopTo.Net [PS3 Games] UPDATE: Too late – you were too slow and missed this hot deal! Why not subscribe to our email updates or RSS feeds to make sure that doesn’t happen again?

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natasha  Aug. 13, 2009 at 16:54

I have a feeling that the excitement generated by the pace and power of the review is probably better than the game deserves. This is a piece of seductive language but at bottom I wonder if the game isn't a bit monotonous?


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