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Photo Sharing, Relationship Strain & FootSportsBall: The Xbox One IS All In One

Jonathan Lester
Microsoft, Xbox One

Put down your beer bongs for a second, frat boys, and pay attention to this new flurry of Xbox One videos. Within, we'll see a deeply dysfunctional couple have their lives ruined by Kinect, an American footsportsballman suffering from serious denial and - to provide the balance - a deeply informative video from the SkyDrive team that shows photo and video sharing on the new console.

There's even a flash new 'reveal' trailer, which I've embedded above.

This first video demonstrates how the living room can become a warzone thanks to Kinect's voice commands. Though the advert is cringe-worthy to levels hitherto uncharted by mankind, at least the voice commands certainly look very slick. I'll be sure to test exactly how versatile and accurate they are on November 22nd.

Now we have SPORTS, because the Xbox One is all about SPORTS. Except it isn't, really, because I'm genuinely impressed by the snap functionality that lets us watch the same TV show together and talk all over it. No facetiousness here: I hope this really is as effortless as it looks. Also, who are these guys?

Finally we have SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud-based file sharing service, which will be available on Xbox One at launch as an app. It looks to be a fairly solid way of sharing your uploaded pics and videos, though we hope that DNLA will provide a more robust solution. Even though the Xbox One won't be a Windows Media Centre Extender. Seethe.

So, how are we feeling about the Xbox One, folks? Hyped? Concerned? Newly refreshed and reinvigorated after these tasty videos? I'm getting one, at least, barring any major problems, for reasons outlined here.

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Late  Nov. 12, 2013 at 12:55

Only nine and a half days to go! w00t w00t w0000000t!

I'm mostly keeping my composure.


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