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Puzzle Agent 2

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Puzzle Agent 2
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Puzzle Agent 2 Review | Deadly Puzzle Premonition

Jonathan Lester
Puzzle games, Telltale Games
Puzzle Agent 2 | PC

Platforms: PC | iOS

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

When traditional methods fail, the FBI send in the Puzzle Research Division. This elite unit already cracked a bizarre case set in an eraser factory - battling against the machinations of an evil cult and the twisted inhabitants of a small mountain town. However, Agent Nelson Tethers just can't let a few loose ends go... and after taking an extended vacation, decides to return to Scoggins, Minnesota to put an end to the missing persons mystery once and for all.

We'll get to the juicy storyline and setting in due time, but we'll need to lay out the basics first. Puzzle Agent 2 is technically a minigame collection that's stuffed with a range of brainteasers to solve. There's a nice balance of the sublime and the ridiculous, since many of the puzzles rely on pure mathematics and raw logic, whereas others are designed to make you think laterally (resulting in a fair few facepalm moments when the solution clicks into place). There are also a few visual puzzles to contend with every once in a while, and you'll doubtlessly groan at the reappearance of sliding tiles and interlocking rings. Once you've got your answer ready, it's a simple matter of sending the solution through the rigorous FBI vetting process and seeing how many thousands of taxpayer dollars you've ended up spending. Naturally accuracy and speed will grant you the highest ratings.

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