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Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2 | £9.99 | Choices UK | DS

Jonathan Lester
D3 Publisher, Infinite Interactive, Nintendo DS games, Puzzle games
Puzzle Quest 2 | Nintendo DS

First things first: the cheapest way to get Puzzle Quest II is to download it for your iDevice or Windows 7 Phone from their respective marketplaces - or net it on XBLA. However, if you're seeking the Nintendo DS version, Choices UK have the cheapest price around. The sequel to the unbelievably successful (and, for my money, truly wonderful) original Puzzle Quest introduces a new isometric view that brings you closer to the action, as well as the new weapons, action points and block systems. It's an excellent game, but one that's also much smaller in scope and ambition than the first triumphant outing.