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PWNCAST: Handhelds

MattGardner |  Aug. 1, 2012 at 16:15

It's that time of the week folks! As promised in last weekend's podcast, we're going to be chatting this week about our favourite handhelds, the games that defined them, and how the dedicated handheld find itself under threat from smartphones and tablets.

In advance of our recording session later this week, we'd like to invite you to chat about your favourite handhelds in this thread. Tell us what your favourite portable games have been over the years, why you love your Game Boy, why the PSP was actually brilliant, why you wish Neo Geo were still releasing portables, why you wish smartphones had buttons.

If you've got an opinion on handhelds, we want to hear it! Stick 'em in the box below.

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ODB_69  Aug. 1, 2012 at 20:15


Not the v2, the v1. Awesome kit for its day but crippled by lack of games. Far better visually etc than the GB or the GG

Quietus  Aug. 1, 2012 at 23:27

My favourite thing to hold in my hands and play with? Let me think...:p

I'd probably pick my GBA, as it could still play all of the old stuff I'd accumulated, and had some amazing games too. Aria of Sorrow is still one of my favourite games, and the criminally overlooked CT Special Forces series is great.

Shadowmancer88  Aug. 2, 2012 at 02:00

I love handhelds the ability to play almost any game anywhere was and still is fantastic, I'll quickly review all/most of the handhelds I have had.

Gameboy colour: Utterly fantastic for 2 reasons Pokemon and Tetris, I was a teenager when Pokemon came out and it was a dream come true when one could almost emulate the TV series on the move in a fantastic game that had everything and you could if you had the cable play multiplayer.

Gameboy Advance SP: I still don't why I got this one though, I think it was partly due to the fantastic Mario and Luigi All Stars (The Mario RPG games) which where a load of fun, however I ever really played much of anything else.

Nintendo DS (Original, Lite and DSi XL): I got the original fat one near its release and it was fantastic playing through Mario 64 on the go and playing the odd Metriod demo (that had horrible controls), sadly it took until the Lite version came out to solve many of its problems (backlight and more games) for it really shine, the Zelda games where great on it too as was the sublime Mario kart which me and friends played multiplayer constantly at College.

Sony PSP: The nub stick was horrendous lets get that out of the way first but the games where great, Grand Theft Autos played like the console brethren very well, as did Killzone and others. However the killer on the PSP was always the online updates, people scream today about the updates the PS3 (360 also has frequent updates too) has but the PSP had them on a almost weekly basis to battle piracy (this lead to developers almost abandoning the platform at one point), luckily some developers stuck with it and made some fantastic JRPGS at the end of its life.

PS Vita: Everyone **** on this wonderful handheld at the moment but as a early adopter (got this day one) I've got to say it is a brilliant handheld with 2 libraries of games (3 soon with PSone games) and solves most of the problems of its predecessor. Its got teething problems with pricing and proprietary memory cards once Sony looks over their spreadsheets and realises this it will be solved. As for games its has some great games in droves with a good future line up too, currently playing MGS3 now then Disgea 3 afterwards.

The best handheld is very trick for me all have a place in my heart, but based upon fun and enjoyability I would the Gameboy Colour simply because of Pokemon back in the day was utterly fantastic. The Nintendo DS and Vita are joint second.

TL:DR Gameboy Colour was the best.

P.S. I remember the Neo Geo, good that thing was massive and sucked batteries to hell and back but it had fantastic colours and Sonic was great, I didn't review it above as I never owned one just borrowed my cousins.

As for Smartphones/Tablets I don't really consider them for gaming, games that I have played are pretty much meh so far nothing has made want to purchase a smart device just for gaming so far.

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