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PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – Handhelds

Matt Gardner
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PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – Handhelds

Last week, during our conversation about the best videogame console of all time, we came to the conclusion that objectivity sucks, and that unless one is reviewing a console, there's simply no place for it at all. So this week's take on handhelds is a hour stuffed with nostalgia and filled with anecdotes. We take an in-depth look at the 3DS XL, and Jon unveils his latest alter-ego: The Gaming Otter.

PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24, Recorded: August 2nd, 2012

Some of the things that get covered this week:

  • 3DS XL
  • Gamescom preparations
  • Game & Watch
  • Atari Lynx
  • Game Boy
  • Nintendo's rivals: Game Gear & NeoGeo
  • Is this the last generation of dedicated handhelds?
  • Favourite Handheld of All Time
  • Best Handheld of All Time

...and much, much more.

NB. Remember, next week we hit our 25th PWNCAST. If you have any questions for the team or requests/suggestions/mandatory orders that you'd like to see make it into the show then either pop something in the comments box below, or email us at [email protected]

Parental Advisory: We've tried to keep it as conversational and informal as possible, and you should be warned that there may be quite a few instances of strong language.

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PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – Handhelds PWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – HandheldsPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – HandheldsPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – HandheldsPWNCAST | Season 1: Episode 24 – Handhelds

Best Handheld of All Time
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ODB_69  Aug. 9, 2012 at 16:52

That was like the tiniest mention of the Lynx! Was an awesome handheld for its day but agree crippled by lack of software and battery life (you could also mention the fault with the AC cable which was ridiculously badly made and required a new one every few weeks! Also the only one I can think of that had a screen that could be flipped (like modern smartphones). Good for leftys I suppose. Still more of a mention than the game gear though! That was ****!

Nintendo had to win this really though so good call

Btw - my imagination or did they bring out a 'GameGirl' too? A pink version of the GameBoy

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