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PWNCAST | The SimCity Rap

Matt Gardner
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PWNCAST | The SimCity Rap

Carl and I were going to have an enormous chat about SimCity for this week's PWNCAST. In fact, we did have a natter about the game earlier this week for a good hour and a half. Unfortunately it's boring as all hell. What we had hoped might sound like a triumphant discourse in double-teamed critical dissection didn't really work, mainly due to the fact that we were very much still working out some solid thoughts on the game.

That's perhaps somewhat unsurprising given how much of a mess the first ten days of SimCity's existence has been.

Much in the same way we've abandoned SimCity for Jetpack Joyride on numerous occasions, we've abandoned the mess of a podcast for something small yet perfectly formed.

We've done it. With a little bit of help from our Crysis 3 winner - Teppic2000 - we've managed to get Carl to rap about the SimCity launch. And it's awesome.

He's even stuffed an Adam Jensen reference in there, just because he can.

Click here or on the banner above for The Viceroy's SimCity Rap.

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PWNCAST | The SimCity Rap PWNCAST | The SimCity RapPWNCAST | The SimCity RapPWNCAST | The SimCity RapPWNCAST | The SimCity Rap

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Teppic2000  Mar. 19, 2013 at 08:53

Haha brilliant! Brightened up this dreary morning and soothes the rage of my latest city bugging out and refusing to export goods!

Looking forward to the album ;-)

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