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From Quadruple Kinect Accuracy To EA Trash Talk - News Roundup 18th December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Report: Microsoft To Quadruple Kinect Accuracy...

From Quadruple Kinect Accuracy To EA Trash Talk - News Roundup 18th December 2010

After months of arguing about processors and costings, the Kinect hardware is now set in stone. However, a new report from Eurogamer suggests that Microsoft is hard at work on the only other variable: the firmware and drivers. Kinect's depth sensor resolution is yoked to a maximum 320x240 by its own firmware- but could theoretically be cranked up to 680x480 with some clever compression and patched software. This would allow Kinect to recognise wrist rotation and finger movement, which would exponentially increase the scope of the game experience that it could offer. All in all, EG's source suggests that the accuracy could approximately quadruple.

This is still a rumour at this stage- but you'd better believe that Microsoft are looking into it. We'll bring you a solid information or retire the rumour as we more details become available. [EG]

This enhanced accuracy probably would have come in useful for Thrixx's upcoming title. They're a veteran erotic games outfit that promised to use Kinect's motion control potential to provide "another exciting interface option for users of the sex simulation software to control the experience in extraordinary new ways"... but fortunately (?), Microsoft has stepped in to block any overtly sexual content reaching the Xbox 360 after a bizarre trailer hit the net earlier this week. Probably for the best, all things considered. [IGN]

Demon's Souls Servers Extended Again

From Quadruple Kinect Accuracy To EA Trash Talk - News Roundup 18th December 2010

Atlus have announced that the Demon's Souls servers will be extended yet again after their niche sleeper hit proved to be immensely popular beyond their wildest projections. Whilst opinions are divided about whether it's a genuinely great time or just a genuine grind, there's no doubt that a serious community has formed to leave notes and traps for other players. Atlus have restated their intent to keep servers active for as long as possible... and will be holding a White Tendency event beginning December 20th.

EA Believe That They'll Make The "Next Great FPS"; Slags Off Treyarch

From Quadruple Kinect Accuracy To EA Trash Talk - News Roundup 18th December 2010

Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 delivered unprecedented FPS sales... and Treyarch handily stepped up to the plate with Call of Duty: Black Ops. However, EA boss John Riccitiello believes that they- not Activision- are placed to deliver the next great shooter. In an interview with IndustryGamers, the loquacious exec merrily poured scorn on Treyarch, who are widely considered to be the industry's golden boys at present.

[Treyarch] didn't make a 90-rated game; I think it's 86 now. I don't think review scores are the be-all and end-all, but we all know a mid-90 when we see it, but this was mid-80s. I don't think you could anoint them by an executive saying: 'It's so.'

The question, I think, really is: 'What developer is going to put forward the next great FPS that sort of follows [what Infinity Ward did]?' It's wishful thinking, and let's hope for Activision's sake they're right.

I think it's far from proven that the gaming consumer views a product from Treyarch in the same category as a product from what was Infinity Ward.

Later in the interview, Riccitello stated that he'd be surprised if EA wouldn't "take a notch out of Activision" next year; citing the success of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the recently-released Medal of Honor. [IndustryGamers]

Whoa there, John. We love big words and fighting talk just as much as the next site... but after the over-hyped MoH was loudly and thoroughly lambasted by the community, the onus is on EA to quietly deliver. Actions speak louder than words.

Want to weigh in on this one? Drop us a line in the comments!

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Josh  Dec. 18, 2010 at 22:15

Much as I hate to agree with the man, he has a point. I'm still playing and replaying MW2's campaign, which in my opinion blasts Black Ops's offering out of the water.

Black Ops has split-screen online going for it, but then Infinity Ward always had the better maps.

In fairness I'm none too fussed about what either of the next CoDs or MoHs have in store, my eyes (and probably my bank notes) are on Respawn's first game...


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