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Bethesda Re-Releasing Quake IV On Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
Bethesda, FPS games, id Software, Raven
Quake 4 | Xbox 360

Bethesda Re-Releasing Quake IV On Xbox 360

Bethesda has announced plans to re-release one of their classic games on Xbox 360. Could it be Morrowind, I hear you ask? Perhaps a new Oblivion edition? Or even a compilation of their older Elder (elder Elder?) Scrolls titles for XBLA?

Nope. It's Quake IV.

Apparently Bethesda feel that it's difficult to lay hands on one of the Xbox 360's "best launch titles," and have decided to relaunch Raven's Quake-branded FPS in Europe "very soon." The American RRP is $19.99, though as we all know, exchange rates rarely work in our favour. We just hope that they've sorted out the choppy frame rate and ensured that the free copy of Quake II is still in the box.