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Quantic Dream Unveil Their Latest Tech Demo

Carl Phillips
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Quantic Dream Unveil Their Latest Tech Demo

She’s Called Kara, & She’s Self Aware

In a move similar to the early development of Heavy Rain, developer Quantic Dream released a video of their latest tech demo at this year’s GDC in San Francisco. You can check out the video, called "Kara", for yourself after the jump.

Talking to Eurogamer, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage discussed the process used to capture the performance of actress Valorie Curry, stating that the current trend for motion-capture, where body and facial performances are recorded separately, needs to evolve to attain results similar to Hollywood blockbusters.

"It works okay - there have been some great games made using this process, and Heavy Rain was done this way. But we felt that if we wanted more emotion, and more performance from the actor we needed to have everything from the same take, and we needed to shoot everything at the same time.

"So we invested a lot in our motion capture studio. Heavy Rain was shot with 28 cameras, and we've upgraded the studio to 65 cameras. Now we can shoot several actors - their body and their face - at the same time. It's not a small change, but at the same time this is how Avatar and Tintin were shot, and it's how the CG industry works because they know how much you gain from shooting face, voice and body at the same time."

As stated at the start of the video, everything in the "Kara" short is done in real time on the Playstation 3, but this was of course done in a controlled manner so we cannot truly analyse how powerful the tech is right now. That said, Quantic Dream’s previous video “The Casting” looked remarkably similar to the final visuals of Heavy Rain, so if that is any indication the next project could be an incredibly well-polished one from a visual standpoint. Furthermore, will we see David Cage and co. finally returning to a Sci-Fi setting? I for one thoroughly enjoyed Omikron with its David-Bowie-ness, so a jump from the supernatural and murderers would be a welcome change of pace. [Eurogamer]

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mekia  Mar. 8, 2012 at 10:45

That was quite impressive :o

Yuuko  Mar. 8, 2012 at 17:10

Wow! That took my breath away.

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