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From Quantic Dream's New Projects To The Xbox LIVE Slaughterhouse - News Roundup 13th July 2010

Matt Gardner
Kane and Lynch, News, Quantic Dream, Sales, XBLA

Quantic Dream Working On Two New Projects

From Quantic Dream's New Projects To The Xbox LIVE Slaughterhouse - News Roundup 13th July 2010

Speaking to Examiner, Quantic Dream's David Cage has revealed that the studio behind Heavy Rain is currently working on two separate projects, although he wouldn't give out any clues as to what these titles would be be.

We currently work on two very different projects,' said Cage. 'Often, after a long and challenging project like Heavy Rain, it is difficult for the team to get excited again about a new idea. This is absolutely not the case at the moment at Quantic and all the team seems enthusiastic about the possibility of other projects. The team and the company continue to grow in experience, confidence and talent.'

The QD boss went on to suggest that the positive response to Heavy Rain has made his studio synonymous with experimentation when it comes to new IPs, a tag that Cage is keen to push as far as he can: 'We are not going to play it safe from now, we are going to use this credibility to continue to take risks, give ourselves exciting challenges and try to invent new ways of playing.'

It had been thought that QD were working on PS3-exclusive Horizon, although Cage refuted that last month, saying that the studio were 'working on new tech'. Still, it's not inconceivable that he was lying. Either way, two for one from one of the most in-demand developers in the business sounds pretty damn good to us. Watch this space. [VG247]

Kane & Lynch: Dog Days Release Date Bumped Forward

Desperate duo Kane and Lynch are set to return later this year, stirring up a serious shitstorm in Shanghai, and IO Interactive have revealed that it's going to get released a week earlier than expect. North American action fans will be able to see if this second game can improve on the painfully evident shortcomings of the first from the 17th of August, with PAL gamers able to jump into the fray with the gruesome twosome jut three days later on the 20th.

Check out the latest trailer above and you can see what Jon thought of the recent exclusive multiplayer demo by clicking here.

UK Games Market Down 16% On Last Year

From Quantic Dream's New Projects To The Xbox LIVE Slaughterhouse - News Roundup 13th July 2010

With games like Alan Wake, Blur and Split/Second falling short of their sales targets it pretty unsurprising to find that overall market sales appear to be down 16% on the figure from this time last year. Hardware sales have been hit the hardest, dropping by 32% this year, with software down 10% on top of that.

Things looks pretty bleak, but it's worth taking into consideration the fact that these figures don't take pre-owned sales into account. The pre-owned market, much to the chagrin of games publishers everywhere, is a big one, and it's still growing. The expansion of stores such as CEX, not to mention the ever-expanding shelf space in the local GAME given over to second-hand copies, is proof of that.

ELSA director general Mike Rawlinson had this to say about the external factors too:

'UK consumers are also getting their gaming entertainment in a variety ways. They are increasingly downloading video games from websites, and are playing games on their mobiles or through social networking sites – not only on consoles. This is proof that interactive entertainment is expanding way beyond its traditional boundaries.'

It's not been a great twelve months for any market really, but I think the lack of pre-owned data is absolutely key to these results. It also explains why companies like EA and THQ are looking so heavily into trying to make buying new as attractive an option as possible. [Guardian]

XBLA A 'Slaughterhouse' For Small Developers

From Quantic Dream's New Projects To The Xbox LIVE Slaughterhouse - News Roundup 13th July 2010

Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray, the man responsible for bringing the excellent Joe Danger into the world, has hit out at Xbox LIVE Arcade, defending the studio's decision to release the critically acclaimed motorcycling gem only on the PSN by branding XBLA as a 'slaughterhouse' for small developers.

'XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers,' said Murray, speaking at today's Develop conference. There are games that do amazingly well. But there's two titles released every week and a lot of those are falling in that 25,000 or less category.'

It's not just fighting rhetoric, Murray brought a whole bunch of figures to the table to back up his statement with numbers showing that 47% of XBLA games sold less than 25,000 copies, 23% in the region of 100,000 copies, 13% around 200,000 copies and only 17% over 200,000 copies. Apparently Hello Games broke even on the game in under twenty four hours and had shifted 50,000 copies within the first week on the PSN.

We've been fairly vocally critical of Microsoft for squandering talent and making life absurdly difficult and this isn't the first time that LIVE has come under fire (don't mention iPlayer to an Xbox owner...we'll just break down in tears). But this is not good publicity for them at all. It's true, the arcade market is hugely competitive, but Murray's statements can be taken to suggest that quality will still win out on the PSN rather than the melting pot of XBLA. [Eurogamer]

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Rubisco  Jul. 14, 2010 at 06:18

Of course the gaming market's down on last year. This time last year I was buying a game every week, whereas now the only game I've bought in months is the beatles rockband because it had a 75% discount.

Why? I have over 80 games on my shelf just begging to be played through.

It's nothing to do with the preowned market or piracy or facebook, they're just excuses. The simple fact is that sales start to fall 5 years into a console's lifespan. The market gets saturated. A ten-year-long generation is unsustainable.

ODB  Jul. 14, 2010 at 11:09

the 'clicky' for Kane & Lynch isnt a clicky guys!

Jonathan Lester  Jul. 14, 2010 at 11:54

Well spotted, fella! You can check it out here while the link's getting fixed.


Did you manage to check out the Sniper: Ghost Warrior review by the way? Broke my heart, that game.

ODB  Jul. 16, 2010 at 13:18

yeah...wounded! I was going to order until I saw your review...not good! Singularity though, gonna hit that at some point but the backlog of games I have is ridiculous...seriously get new stuff when I havent played hardly anything!!!

Oly just started playing Mass Effect (1)....ended up buying Bioshock 2 the other day too...havent got time to play the 1st one I'm half way through

too many great games too little time :-(

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