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Quick Quotes: "The industry has a long way to go" - Miyamoto

Matt Gardner
Game development, Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto

Quick Quotes: "The industry has a long way to go" - Miyamoto

Speaking with regard to development practices and the nature of projects being led by creatives or bean counters, Nintendo dev guru Shigeru Miyamoto has suggested that "the industry has a long way to go" in encouraging freedom of creativity and bucking popular trends.

Following E3 2014, Miyamoto said that “this year, the majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software that was mainly set in violent surroundings or, in a different sense, realistic and cool worlds. Because so many software developers are competing in that category, it seemed like most of the titles at the show were of that kind.”

Addressing those comments in the latest issue of EDGE (via Nintendo Everything), Miyamoto acknowledged that his comments might have caused a bit of a stir, but suggested that the industry in general (himself included) could perhaps do with striving more for individuality and uniqueness when it comes to making games.

Oh, I’ve made quite the grand statement, haven’t I? My comment was based upon the fact that I have not been fully satisfied with the inspirations that I have or that other people in the industry have in general. I feel that industry tends, rather than the creator’s individuality and uniqueness, tend to be prioritized. When the people who manage the development budget take the lead in making a game, creators tend to make games that are already popular in the marketplace. Even when there is opportunity for young developers to make something freely, they tend to make similar proposals. I can’t help but feel that the industry has a long way to go. I hope Nintendo will always be a company that aggressively invests in something new – something born from each creator’s individual characteristics.

It's certainly the case that bigger budgets tend to mean a hesitancy among publishers and developers to "take risks", but it is to be hoped that as independent studios become more prevalent and the line between what is deemed "indie" and triple-A blurs more and more, that unbridled creativity and individuality is something we see more of in the industry. There's certainly a veritable smorgasbord of creative experiences to be had from smaller titles out there, something that is likely to only increase in breadth as indie support grows, but it's nice to see Miyamoto -- a man with a relatively unparalleled creative legacy already in this industry -- looking to strive for even greater things.

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googleberry  Sep. 10, 2014 at 13:21

The number one resource many game consumers are scarce in these days is not money, but time: gamers may not wish to risk investing their time in something that's a bit different and might not be enjoyable. I actually think there is quite a bit of indie innovation to experience, and often quite cheap, but personally, I feel you have to be quite committed to spend time with them, because they might not be that much fun.


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