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Rabbids Go Home £19.97 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

Matt Gardner
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Rabbids Go Home £19.97 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

For a number of years those rascally rabbids have been tearing it up in family's living rooms and burrowing their way into people's hearts with their Wario-esque mini games and exercises generally designed (as with most things on the Wii) to make you look as stupid as possible. Now, however, they've ditched limbless Rayman and have decided that it's time to home, which they figure must be the Moon. Cue an entirely different game - a 'comedy adventure' if you will, as Ubisoft themselves term it - that's as fun, frantic and family-friendly as before.

A relatively new game, it's quite surprising to see that you can pick up a copy of Rabbids Go Home for just £19.97 from Amazon, saving you over a fiver considering that the nearest competitor - Everything Play - is offering the game for £24.99.

To be honest it's about time these guys got their own game: they're much funnier than Rayman and everything in this game is pretty much designed to showcase the endearing comedic talents of these little fuzzballs-gone-wrong.

The plot is suitably offbeat: the rabbids, having gotten a bit fed up with the incessant partying, have decided that a peripatetic lifestyle is no longer for them and that they all need to go home. Logic would dictate that a load of digging should follow, but that wouldn't make for a terribly good game, so the rabbids decide to go to the moon instead and set about collecting a massive pile of junk so that they can get there. This is where you - the player- comes in, guiding the floppy-eared fiends around in their shopping trolleys and navigating platform puzzles, engaging in the odd race, and collecting as much loot as you possibly can.

It's a lot of fun. Although totally different in terms of gameplay, this game has all of the charm of its predecessors if not more. From the pre-rendered cut-scenes to the cel-shaded graphics, from the madcap jazz noodling of the rabbids to the context-sensitive soundtrack, this is a game that oozes cartoon charm. It's quite a lot like Little Big Planet in many ways, except with a bunch of charismatic, eye-popping bunnies marauding around the place like the Clangers on speed instead of Sackboy, and seems sometimes (as with LBP) like it's merely a bunch of levels stuck together with silly string and little else.

But the bottom line is that if you like the other Rabbids games, you'll probably like this. It's a lot of fun to play, had me laughing out loud once or twice just because the creatures are so very over-the-top, and is a pleasant little romp that both adults and kids can enjoy, even if it is a little repetitive and unchallenging from time to time.

Thanks to andywedge at HotUKDeals

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Lydia Low  Nov. 24, 2009 at 20:29

Haha, Marius better watch out or you'll steal his Caption King crown! XD


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