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Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

Tamsin Oxford
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Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

You’ve woken up in a bad mood. Your partner has left you for a gnome. Your boss thinks you’re his bitch. Your parents think you’re a waste of space. Your cat threw up on your shoes and you got no sleep because of the mad DJ who lives next door.

You are in a very, very bad mood. You’re angry. What do you do? You can’t kill your boss/the ex/the cat/the DJ. No. You game. Want to release that rage. Be pissed off rather than pissed on? GAME.

Here are titles guaranteed to make you feel better, titles to avoid and titles to make you laugh. These giddy games will get the anger right where it should be – in a smoosh of brains, a roar of tyres and the explosion of destruction. Or a wicked giggle of delight.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

Sandbox style gaming at its finest, this game is all about the violence and the release of pent-up rage. Get yourself onto the streets of Liberty City and become embroiled in the dark underbelly of the dark, erm, underbelly of America. Shoot, drive, squish, yell and soon you’ll be laughing manically along with your character.

Rage Release Factor: 9


Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

Nothing says “I love you” quite like the sound of a cricket bat smacking into the head of a zombie. Pick your weapons, grab your team, open that beer and kill everything in sight. The bursts of adrenalin, the sudden scares, the shuffling horror of zombie doom. If you’re still grumpy after two hours of this, you may need to see a specialist.

Rage Release Factor: 9.5

The Saboteur

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

Here you are, in German-occupied France, surrounded by Nazis and armed with bombs! Blow them up, shoot them, snipe them and save the world from a terrible threat. Let your imagination loose and enjoy sneaking up on people, causing mayhem and being as vindictive as possible. Explosions are cool.

Rage Release Factor: 8

Duke Nukem

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

No, this is not an attempt to make those vainly waiting for Forever even angrier. This is about replaying the original game. The rudeness, the graphics, the storyline, the ridiculous madness of it all is guaranteed to bring you out of the bad place and into one Duke filled world of fun.

Rage Release Factor: 8.5

Star Wars [Any]

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

These games need no introduction. If you’re pissed off and nothing is working then what would cheer you up? Learning the dark side of course. Nuff said.

Rage Release Factor: 8.5


Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

Look, I know these games are cool but if you’re holding back a torrent of fury these will just make you angrier. Not understanding why the cat is over there. No clue as to why the trees are bare. It’s guaranteed that you’ll end up throwing your PC out of the window. Avoid!

Rage Release Factor: 0

Elite Beat Agents

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

It’s like the Men in Black to music. Alternating between hilarious and bizarre, this game is a sure fire way to bring the laughter to the fore. Save the world by jamming to music, cheering people up and getting jiggy with it.

Rage Release Factor: 8


Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

It met with critical acclaim. It made us all go “Aaaah”. It’s a title that will make you laugh, make you think and keep you on your toes. Ingenious and fabulous, you will walk away from playing this game feeling as if the world is your, ahem, portal.

Rage Release Factor: 7.8

World of Warcraft

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

If you’re setting out for the first time and are enjoying the thrill of these wonderfully developed worlds and quests, then WoW will be a complete and utter charmer. It will entrance you and distract you, taking you away from all the pain in the world. If you’re an old hack then avoid it at all costs. That n00b asking stupid questions in group chat may well be your undoing.

Rage Release Factor: Ambivalent

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Angry? Video Games Have The Answer!

It’s had a lot of hype and yada yada yada, but it’s also got tons of superb visuals, excellent storylines and lots and lots of shooting. If you really want to get yourself out of the danger zone then why not throw yourself into the biggest one of all (virtually, of course). You will stop being mad when you realise you’ve spent four hours gripping your mouse with excitement.

Rage Release Factor: 9

Hopefully you are now equipped with a healthy handful of titles that will lift those blues, shake that rage and get you back on the road to your old happy self. Missed a game? Think there is something that would do a better job? Say so now!

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Andrew  Apr. 2, 2010 at 14:06

Just a heads up. The screen shot for MW2 is actually of MW. I know it's a bit anal to mention but.....well.....I.....er.....like anal =/

Sean  Apr. 2, 2010 at 14:41

nice *cough* modern warfare '2' screenshot ftw.

Jonathan Lester  Apr. 2, 2010 at 15:12

Great list- though I've always relied on Doom and Quake II for my catharsis.

Prototype's also a fairly solid option.

ODB  Apr. 6, 2010 at 11:25

isnt it one of the old maps now available on MW2? Its overgrown isnt it?


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