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RAGE Gets Mass-Market Treatment, Comic Announced

Felix Kemp
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RAGE Gets Mass-Market Treatment, Comic Announced

We're big fans of id Software's RAGE here at Dealspwn. The post-apocalyptic shooter isn't just a beautiful example of John Carmack's genius - Mega Texture tech is mega good! - it looks set to shake up the studio's usual FPS trappings with its pseudo-RPG features and dune-buggy racing. And if you simply can't wait for the September 16th release, Bethesda in associated with Dark Horse Publishing has announced a RAGE comic-book is set to launch this summer.

Despite its aesthetic similarities with another Bethesda title, RAGE's post-apocalypse wasn't caused by man-made, Fallout-esque nukes. It was an entirely natural - or is it extraterrestrial - disaster, with real-world asteroid, Apophis, colliding with the Earth, resulting in quite the mess. Barren, dust sprawls of flattened land, crawling with bands of mutants, totalitarian regimes and frontier-esque towns, eking out a very desperate living.

Details are scarce at the moment, but Bethesda has revealed the comic is set shortly before the events of the game. The publisher let slip no other details, but with the last remnants of humanity hidden under the Earth's crust in stations known as Arks, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the comic focusing on an unwitting occupant venturing out into the big, wide world. [Eurogamer]

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