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Two RAGE Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Jonathan Lester
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No Standard Deathmatch For id's Next Shooter

Two RAGE Multiplayer Modes Revealed

id Software have announced that RAGE, their anticipated FPS, will be their first game to not ship with a standard deathmatch mode. Instead, RAGE's multiplayer gametypes will revolve around cooperative and vehicle-based shenanigans.

Considering that CoD, Battlefield and Halo will be vying for the standard deathmatch crown, it's probably a good idea. Even though id Software, you, know, invented it. Full details below.

During a presentation in Salt Lake City (via D'Toid), creative director Tim Willets and design Director Matt Hooper spilled the beans on RAGE's two unique multiplayer modes: Combat Rally and Legends Of The Wasteland.

What we didn't want to do is just throw a couple of guys on foot and they're fighting and call it our online offering. That's not what we wanted to do. We wanted to make it uniquely Rage. - Rage design director Matt Hooper

Combat Rally is essentially a wacky race, with teams piling into vehicles and caning it around the wilderness in search of checkpoints. It's a bit like Halo's Rocket Race gametype, if you happen to be a fan. These checkpoints respawn randomly around the level rather than in a set circuit pattern, making for unpredictable and hectic matches.

Legends Of The Wasteland is a 2-man objective gametype that puts partnerships to the test. Apparently characters in the singleplayer story mode will frequently allude to stories about two brave heroes fighting off evil bandits over water, bombs, guts and glory... and you'll be able to play through these scenarios yourself with a mate. It's a novel twist on the cooperative formula, and one that should delight lovers of canon everwhere.

We reckon that this is probably the right way to go. Whilst diehard id fans will mourn the lack of a standard deathmatch, there's probably no point competing with the likes of CoD and Battlefield. Instead, these modes should offer something entirely new - and loads of fun to boot.

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