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RAGE Review | id's Triumphant Return? Or AveRAGE?

Jonathan Lester
Bethesda Softworks, FPS games, id Software, PC games, PS3 games, RAGE, Xbox 360 games
RAGE | PC | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

RAGE Review | id's Triumphant Return? Or AveRAGE?

Platforms: PC (tested) | PS3 | Xbox 360 (reviewed)

Developer: id Software

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

It's here. It's finally here.

RAGE, id Software's only new IP in donkey's years, has been in development for what feels like forever - and raised more than a few eyebrows due to the addition of vehicle combat and seemingly open hub areas. Could they have abandoned their old-school roots in favour of open world exploration and questing?

Don't believe a word of it. RAGE is still a technically accomplished, ultraviolent and linear corridor shooter through and through - except that id has swapped monster closets for monster trucks. And alternate ammo types to die for.

RAGE Review | id's Triumphant Return? Or AveRAGE?

Players assume the role of a lucky volunteer who enters cryogenic stasis before an enormous meteorite, Apophis, smashes into the Earth. Awakening over one hundred years later, you'll learn that the world is now a mean and dangerous place ruled by the violence of bandit gangs and a mysterious advanced power base known only as The Authority. Doing favours for the few pockets of non-murderous civilization, you'll eventually be catapulted through a series of claustrophobic levels packed with varied enemy types - featuring an art style that's soon stamped with id Software's trademark hellish industrial motif despite starting out very reminiscent of  Borderlands and Fallout 3. And, more importantly, is full of id Software's trademark brutality.

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