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Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Breaches Onto iOS

Jonathan Lester
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iPhone MMO Also In The Pipeline

Rejoice, Rainbox Six fans! Ubisoft's tactical (and in my opinion, best) Tom Clancy franchise has hit iOS in portable form thanks to the good folks over at Gameloft. I'll have a review for you soon over at Mobot, our mobile sister site, but the full details are below in the meantime. Here's hoping for another next-gen outing before too long. Gameloft are also working on a WoW-style mobile MMO, which has the potential to be crazy addictive even by iPhone standards.

Rainbox Six: Shadow Vanguard packs all of the gadgets, guns and gear of the world's best hostage rescue team (and all-round badasses) onto the iPhone, including snake cameras, silencers and other nifty bits of kit. Rather than a straightforward FPS, the Rainbox Six series is known for its tactical action - and thus squad commands allow you to direct your team as well as dictate their rules of engagement when entering a room. Will you flash and clear? Breach? Or just go in all guns blazing?

Eleven singleplayer stages are on offer, as well as 4-player cooperative and 10-player competitive multiplayer modes over the Gameloft Live service.

Set your sights on Mobot.net for the full review. I'll keep you posted, but speaking as a rampant Rainbox Six fanboy aficionado, I have high hopes for this one.

In other Gameloft news, Pocket Gamer reports that they're hard at work on a World Of Warcraft-style MMO for iOS platforms entitled Order & Chaos. Details are thin on the ground, but the trailer speaks for itself. The inspiration is fairly overt, to say the least.

Gameloft frequently come under fire for "cloning" other successful franchises... but when imitation comes from a good place and provides many of the best games on the App Store, I'm personally all for it.

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