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Rambo Screenshot Reveals The 'QTE-Fight'

Jonathan Lester
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Rambo: The Video Game | PC | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

Rambo Screenshot Reveals The 'QTE-Fight'

More details have landed in our inbox about the Rambo videogame tie-in, which includes a "range of gameplay styles" such as fixed-perspective shoot outs, forced stealth sections, plenty of static gun turrets and the ominously-titled "QTE-Fights."

Erm, so don't shoot the messenger. I've got the incriminating juicy feature list below, straight from the horse's mouth, along with that new screenshot above.

  • Shoot-Out: All-out action in fixed-perspective shoot-outs - players will need to make tactical use of cover-options to survive the enemy onslaught. Mini-missions, multiple-paths, quick-time-events, interactive scenery and more than 25 enemy types will keep player’s adrenaline-pumping.
  • Destruction: Unleash heavy weapons such as the M60, explosive-tipped arrows and time-bombs. Cause some wide-spread damage against hard-targets. Take control in iconic scenes from the films such as Rambo’s destruction of the Police Station in FIRST BLOOD ™.
  • QTE-Fight: Authentic fight scenes from the movies are recreated in third-person, quick-time-events sequences.
  • Fixed-Gun & Vehicle: Take aim of gun turrets and rocket launchers in an array of authentic fixed-gun and vehicle sections from RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ and RAMBO III ™.
  • Stealth-Hunt: Fixed-perspective infiltrations through forests and enemy-camps armed with Rambo’s trademark Bow and Knife. Dodge search-lights and time your bow attacks perfectly to silently eliminate enemies from the shadows. Knife sections will give players the choice of lethal or non-lethal force.
  • Bosses: Boss showdowns and take-downs from the films - everything from Rambo’s single, explosive bow strike on Lieutenant Tay to shredding Russian helicopters with the DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
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Late  May. 3, 2013 at 11:15

Oh dear god no. QTEs are horrible. Why would you make them a highlighted feature?!

And fixed perspective? I know the films (mainly) came out in the eighties, but that doesn't mean the game has to be stuck with 80's processing limitations.

This doesn't sound promising. Fingers crossed I'm wrong, though.

Quietus  May. 3, 2013 at 12:36

Agreed - fingers crossed.

At the moment it feels like:

< Potential --- Game >

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