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Rambo: The Video Game draws first blood next month

Jonathan Lester
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Here it comes, folks. Having graced our front page many times over the last few months and raising eyebrows across the internet, the now-infamous Rambo: The Video Game has been dated for February 21st on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

It's happening. It's finally happening.

To be honest, I'm currently torn between desperate concern and massive anticipation, which have blended together into a new and profoundly confusing emotion. Let's call it Dreadpsyched for the time being.

In case you don't know, Rambo: The Video Game is a curious blend of rail shooter, stealth game and interactive cutscene that promises to revisit classic moments from the franchise, with both licensed music and voice samples. It's unclear whether Teyon's effort will become a new guilty pleasure or unmitigated disaster, with the safer money being on the latter thanks to a profoundly shonky round of trailers ,but either way we genuinely can't wait to find out.

In a pleasing move, Teyon have now revealed some new details about the game's surprisingly deep scoring and multiplier system, that awards players with new perks and skills as a reward for bringing the rain.

Reef Entertainment have promised to dispatch a review copy, so we'll keep you posted - and we'll give it a fair shake. Good honest old-fashioned fun is often at a premium these days, so here's hoping that Rambo can deliver on that front.

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