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Rayman Legends Vita Version Missing 28 Levels

Jonathan Lester
PS Vita games, Rayman Legends, Ubisoft

Rayman Legends Vita Version Missing 28 Levels

Though Rayman Legends' Vita version looks the business and contains a lot of content, players have reported that 28 "Invasion" stages haven't been included.

These tough levels are effectively remixed existing stages, and their absence reduces the amount of collectible Teensies from 700 to 615. That said, the Vita's touchscreen does allow for some of the touch-based Murphy sections to work much more convincingly, and a few bonus costumes have been thrown in. [NeoGAF]

The jury is out on which Rayman Legends edition provides the definitive version (my Wii U pre-order made eight months ago still hasn't arrived - thanks The Hut), but we can all agree that it's utterly superb regardless of what you play it on. Matt awarded Ubisoft's platforming masterpiece a perfect score in our Rayman Legends review.

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