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Rayman Origins Primed For Full On Retail Release

Felix Kemp
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Rayman Origins Primed For Full On Retail Release

Rayman Origins, the next game from fan-favorite developer Michael Ancel and originally intended for DLC release on Xbox Live and - ahem - Playstation Network, is now being primed for a full retail release. With a box and everything! It stems from Ancel and his team's desire to follow up the original with a true sequel rather than a cheap downloadable spinoff.

Ubisoft's intentions for Rayman Origins are to provide the same sort of challenging platforming fans loved from the original, but opening it up a little to appeal to a wider audience. According to Ancel, only a small amount of players completed the original due to its steep difficulty, so Origins is being designed with an accessible approach in mind. It's also being built to cater for a wider audience of players, so if you like to collect everything in sight, you can gobble up all the Lums now, who act as a currency, but if you're more a fan of speed-running, you'll be able to enjoy that, too.

Origins also features comprehensive multiplayer support, with up to four players supported for co-op. However, so far Ubisoft has only confirmed local co-op, but I expect they're testing online as we speak. Each level has been designed with co-op in mind, too. Rayman Origins is due to hit store shelves on the Xbox 360 and PS3 this winter. [Eurogamer]

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