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Rayman Origins Trailer: Ten Ways To Die!

Jonathan Lester
Many many deaths, Rayman Origins, trailer, Ubisoft

Rayman Origins Trailer: Ten Ways To Die!

We're properly excited about Rayman Origins here at Dealspwn. Ubisoft are throwing caution to the wind and delivering the game they want to make: a raucously fast, hilariously inventive and colourful platformer in a season that's dominated by po-faced, posturing military shooters. Good on you, Ubisoft. To celebrate the impending launch, they've released a new trailer showing off a plethora of ways that we can expect to die humiliating deaths. Rayman Origins is going to be one tough cookie.

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MrMann  Nov. 4, 2011 at 12:16

Who cares about Rayman, man?



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