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Brace yourselves: 50% off of pretty much everything in the massive Razer sale from tonight 6PM PST

Matt Gardner
PC accessories, Razer

Brace yourselves: 50% off of pretty much everything in the massive Razer sale from tonight 6PM PST

Razer don't normally do sales. They do super-expensive, high-end luxury gaming peripherals, and utterly bonkers systems and accessories with suitably outrageous names (like calling a mouse mat the Goliathus). But they very rarely do sales.

Until now.

Fresh off of winning Best of CES (gaming) and Best of CES (People's Choice) for the Forge TV, Razer will be slashing everything on their store by 50% (30% for systems) for 24 hours. Here's the official blurb:

"So here it comes – we’re going to do 50% off all Razer gaming gear (except for systems which will be at 30% off) on the RazerStore for 24 hours starting Jan 12 6pm PST to Jan 13 5:59pm PST. Everyone is limited to 1 item only. During this time, the store will get an intense amount of traffic, slow down, etc and things will fly off the virtual shelves so get ready.

"Further, we will be doing the sale via distributing unique RazerStore codes via Razer Insider ONLY – so if you’re not already actively participating on Insider – you’ll want to get on it asap - http://rzr.to/Insider"

Slightly annoyingly, that does mean prospective UK buyers will need to be awake at 2AM (GMT) to get the jump on things, but given Razer's propensity for rarely letting production exceed demand, if you want a sweet bargain that might be a price worth paying. Click here for further details >>

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RuFfEndZ  Jan. 13, 2015 at 12:02

well that was a bit of a mess, the codes on the insider site were inverted, so the code that was no use to us here in the uk (30% of systems we're deprived of) was flagged as the code to use to get 50% of items in the store.
by the time i realized (i thought the sale was delayed going live as my code wouldn't work) pretty much everything i wanted was gone.
Silver lining, Razer are aware of the issue they caused and have stated on the insider site that there will be a "Remedial sale" later in January.
Maybe i will be able to get myself that gorgeous Mamba after all, and as a bonus it will probably be on the next months credit card statement!


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