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Are You Ready To Mainline?

Tamsin Oxford
Bayonetta, Bioshock, Dark Void, Heavy Rain, MAG, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell, Star Trek Online, StarCraft
Bioshock | Heavy Rain | Mass Effect | Red Dead Redemption

Brace yourselves darlings, here comes the 2010 line-up of games and it is hotter than a naked man wearing oven mitts (sorry). Some may lapse and some may fade but most of these are storming up the pixels to make you drool with delight. These release dates have been sourced from the press service but may well change at any moment so don't hit me if they are wrong. Here we go...

Dark Void [Xbox 360/PS3/PC]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

Fancy going on holiday to the Bermuda Triangle only to become tangled up with an alien race that doesn’t want to sit down and eat choc chip cookies? Well here you go, someone clearly knew you had this weird dream. In Dark Void you have a title with its own fair share of hype and people are clamouring for the demo that’s due out any minute now. Capcom’s title looks to be an interesting mixture of genres and concepts. And you have a jetpack. Jetpacks are cool.

Due Date: 22 January 2010

Mass Effect 2 [Xbox 360/PC]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

Commander Shepard returns in this next instalment of the role-playing brilliance that is Mass Effect 2. There are new characters, locations and pin sharp graphics to look forward to. Bioware have certainly put a lot of emphasis on it and seeing as this game was voted Most Anticipated Game of 2010 in the GamesIndustry.biz Network Survey, perhaps they are not far wrong. Let’s just hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Due Date: 29 January 2010

Star Trek Online [PC]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

I’m no stranger to this one and I have to say that it’s looking mighty tasty in the Beta. Star Trek Online includes all the elements of the Star Trek universe and is a gem for the fan. Newbies will not feel excluded as the content is rich and diverse enough to appeal to most MMO gamers. I have high hopes for this MMO and, even though I am a biased Trekkie, I think it has the potential to draw in a lot of people.

Due Date: February 05 2010

Bayonetta [PS3/Xbox 360]Are You Ready To Mainline?

Our heroine draws her super powers from her hair. Yes, ladies and germs, her hair. Bayonetta looks good enough to eat if the screenshots are anything to go by, and the action is reported to be tight and intense. She's just gorgeously wicked looking, so much so that I can't wait to snatch control of her and make her kick some butt. She's also proof that girls who wear glasses are as sexy as hell.

Due Date: 08 January 2010

Bioshock 2 [PC/Xbox 360/PS3]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

It’s time for you to return to Rapture and take on the tortured denizens of this underwater maze. It’s rich, exciting and looks to be delightfully tight on the storyline front, a feature that more games need to attend to. I am desperate to play it and hope that the new release date is right on the money. Even if you've never played it before, this game should be something you look at this year.

Due Date: 09 February 2010


Are You Ready To Mainline?

Massive Action Game a.k.a MAG looks set to break records while also dragging players in from across the globe. It promises action, fun, sweat and screaming for up to 256 players at the same time. Yep, at the same time. It’s either going to rock harder than Mick Jagger or it’s going to squelch under the carpet. I can't wait to hear what you think and I'm glad I don't have to wait too long.

Due Date: 26 January 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction [Xbox 360/PC]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

I think I will always cry a little at the fact that Splinter Cell got hijacked by the console but no matter my thoughts, this looks to be a superb title. Sam’s had an overhaul and a make-over. His three-eyed, black bodied stare has been replaced with gloomy casuals and a five o’clock shadow. He's just as sassy, his voice as sexy and the theme of revenge should be, ahem, killer. Bring it on.

Due Date:  23 February 2010

Red Dead Redemption [Xbox 360/PS3]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

Rockstar are known for their gripping and visceral titles so this Wild West shoot ‘em up title isn’t likely to disappoint. You are John Marsten, outlaw and sharp shooter, riding your way through the old west with style and thievery. Hijack, chase, shoot and enjoy the adventure. It promises to be addictive and immersive and chock full of witty lines and fast-paced action.

Due Date: 27 April 2010

Heavy Rain [PS3]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

This title has met with critical acclaim for its visual style and dedication to the art of gaming. Quantic Dream have focused heavily (snort) on the storyline and emotive context with characters showing true emotions and depth. If they’ve pulled this off successfully then Heavy Rain could be one of the most impressively rich titles of the year.

Due Date: First quarter of 2010

Starcraft II [PC]

Are You Ready To Mainline?

After a long, long wait and lots of hints and hype it looks like Starcraft II may well be on its way to your PC. Although there is still no exact release date it has been promised for 2010 and will run across three different chapters. Fans of the series will probably be torn between extreme excitement and nervous caution, when something is this hyped there is always the fear it could go wrong. Well here’s hoping that Blizzard continue to make good of their ability to tap into our addictive genes and pop out a kicker of a title.

Due Date: TBA

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