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Real Boxing Vita Dev: Sony Are "Really Supportive To Indie Developers," But "Challenging"

Jonathan Lester
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Real Boxing Vita Dev: Sony Are "Really Supportive To Indie Developers," But "Challenging"

"They Really Know Their Hardware"

Sony's concrete support of the burgeoning indie development scene is common knowledge, and Vivid Games have added their voices to praise the console manufacturer for their continued assistance with Real Boxing Vita. However, they're apparently also very hands-on during the development process and occasionally "challenging" to work with.

"Sony are a big support," Vivid Games' Jan Chichlowski told me during a recent interview. "I must admit that they are very challenging, you know, but because they really know their hardware, they know the market and they really know their customers, they give us a really big amount of insight on how to do it. So they gave us, like, a fifty page document about what we should do and what we should change to even the smallest detail, so this is a big support. It's just before the formal QA, so before we even get the formal QA to them, they are working with us very closely."

"So we really appreciate it, and they're really supportive to indie developers and games."

"Another thing is that Sony asked us to take this tack," he continued. "We were talking with them about it, and they said, 'okay, we're going to develop it with you guys.'"

Sony were instrumental in headhunting and incentivising Vivid Games to develop for the PS Vita, which they believe is a "promising console" that will offer more over the coming years.

"We think that PS Vita is a very promising console. I know that there are several opinions about that, but since they changed up their strategy, big price drop in February and big promises to support the console, it's very promising. It was like a natural move to go there because it gives us two games in one. I have a casual game, if I like the iOS version then I can still play in very nice quick fights. But if I want a very tactical simulation - like chess - of boxing I can play it with the thumbsticks. For us it was a natural move to go to Vita and we really like it."

Supporting indie games but seeking quality in return? Sounds more than fair to us. We look forward to see how this progressive philosophy factors into the PS Vita and PS4 going forward.

Real Boxing Vita is slated to launch next month. You can read our Real Boxing Vita hands-on preview for more details.

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