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Red Dead Redemption £31.99 @ Jack Of All Games [PS3 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Red Dead Redemption | Playstation 3

Red Dead Redemption £31.99 @ Jack Of All Games [PS3 Games]

As a genre that’s criminally under-represented in gaming, it’s great to see one of the better games getting a sequel. Some of us are even daring to believe that Red Dead Redemption might even be better than Rockstar’s GTAIV.

You might want to stake your claim early on with this £31.99 pre-order then, that leads the way ahead of the next best deal at The Hut for £34.73.

Playing as former outlaw, John Marston, you’ll be in-charge of bringing in your old gang in this epic open-world adventure game. Naturally you’ll be operating on both sides of the law throughout. You can expect plenty on none too subtle nods to loads of western films in a similar manner we’ve become accustomed too with GTA and gangster flicks.

The game has already surpassed GTA in the looks department, with the character’s facial animations showing an incredible amount of detail compared to GTAIV’s comparatively potato-carved faces.

Naturally cars are replaced by horses, but you’ll have to manage your speed to not knacker out your old nag. As long as we can jump from it onto a speeding train or stagecoach we’ll be happy. And as Just Cause 2 proved recently, tying people up and dragging them around can be great fun, so you’ll be pleased to know you can lasso anyone and drag them around behind your horse.

The way you’ll be able to just get on your horse and explore the wilderness will feel more like Fallout 3 than anything else. You’re more likely to stumble across missions accidentally rather than constantly heading towards giant floating markers in the sky.

You actions will affect how people treat you too. Will you protect stagecoaches from bandits and dames from drunks or just walk on by? You’ll have an ‘Honour’ rating to judge you, act like a shit and you might earn more cash, but being nice might get you the odd discount. Two for one at the whorehouse?

While you’re waiting, have a look for a copy of the first game on PS2 which will be less than a fiver in most places, or check out the criminally under-rated Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3/360) which absolutely nails the brute force of the era’s weapons.

Thanks to Hagga27 for the find at HotUkDeals

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