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Red Faction Guerilla £17.99 @ play.com [PS3 Game]

Marius Goubert
First person shooter, PS3 games, Red Faction
Playstation 3

Red Faction Guerilla £17.99 @ play.com [PS3 Game]If you love games which involve big guns, big explosions and the opportunity to destroy pretty much anything you lay your eyes on - then you’re going to like Red Faction: Guerrilla. Currently the game is being offered at the bargain price of £17.99 from play.com which is a massive – almost £9 - saving on the next best price of £26.79 from SimplyGames.

Anyone who remembers the old Red Faction from way back in 2001 will already know that the game is all about destruction. And Red Faction: Guerrilla is no exception to the tradition. Still set on a Total Recall style – futuristic – Mars, the player takes control of Alec Mason, a normal guy just looking to make a living, who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a major uprising on Mars. Tired of being oppressed by the EDF (Earth Defence Force), the Martian citizenry have united into a rebel force called Red Faction and are attempting to wrestle back control of the planet’s six sectors.

The player must lead Alec through these six areas – all with their own stories and sub – missions – as he attempts to bring Mars under Red Faction control. The gameplay has a similar feel to Grand Theft Auto, with the player being able to wander at will, explore and initiate missions when they choose. However, by far the most entertaining aspect is that every wall, structure, and every piece of scenery can be completely annihilated. For example you topple entire buildings by either strapping mines to the foundations, tearing the walls apart with rockets or smashing it down with an armoured car. So there are no shortage of possibilities for total mayhem.

On the downside the story is not exactly what you would call moving, and it’s unlikely you’re going to be investing much emotional energy in the plight of Mars’ oppressed population. RFG's unique selling point is simply the fact you can blow everything to hell – and a lot of reviewers do say that although great at first, the novelty soon wears off. However the game is still very impressive. There are loads of weapons and vehicles and tons to explore. So even though it's not exactly a masterpiece, Red Faction: Guerrilla is still lots and lots of fun!

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