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Red Faction Guerilla £10.47 @ Tesco [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Red Faction Guerilla £10.47 @ Tesco [Xbox 360 Games]As Emma pointed out on her HUKD post, deals for Red Faction: Guerrilla on the Xbox 360 have been quite sparse compared to those for the PS3. So if you’ve been keeping an ear to the ground for a decent price for the 360 version, you might be interested to know that it’s now going for £10.47 from Tesco Entertainment. Even though the next best price comes in at a little more on Shopto at £11.97, they are currently out of stock, and after that you’re looking at £12.99 for a brand new copy.

But despite how much fun it is to play, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a game with a few big flaws. The open-world environments feel hollow, lack dynamism, and are just light years away from the kind of bustling metropolises you get in games like Assassins Creed and GTA IV. The story is, well, tacky and the voice acting hilariously dire. The buildings and architecture are also pretty poor (apparently after incorporating a realistic destruction engine, the developers found their buildings collapsing under the weight of real world physics). But that said, the game does compensate you with some thoroughly entertaining gameplay moments which won’t fail to strike a chord with everyone’s inner yearning to ‘blow sh** up’.

Anyone who remembers the old Red Faction from way back in 2001 will already know that this is a game all about destruction. Set on a Total Recall-style – futuristic – Mars, the player takes control of Alec Mason, a normal guy just looking to make a living, who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a major uprising. Tired of being oppressed by the EDF (Earth Defence Force), the Martian citizenry have united into a rebel force called Red Faction and are attempting to wrestle back control of the planet’s six sectors.

As I said before, the story is not exactly what you would call moving, and it’s unlikely you’re going to be investing much emotional energy in the plight of Mars’ oppressed population. RFG’s unique selling point is simply the fact you can blow everything to hell – and a lot of reviewers do say that although great at first, the novelty soon wears off. However RFG is still very impressive in terms of content. There are loads of weapons and vehicles and some big environments to explore. It’s not what you’d call a critically acclaimed masterpiece, but who cares when it's still a lot of fun.

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