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Red Faction: Guerrilla £16.79 @ SimplyGames [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, PS3 games, Red Faction
Playstation 3

Red Faction: Guerrilla £16.79 @ SimplyGames [PS3 Games]There is nothing more cathartic than getting your hands on a load of big guns and blowing stuff up. And this is essentially what the gameplay of Red Faction: Guerrilla hinges upon.  The game is currently going for £16.79 at Simplygames which is the cheapest deal presently available. So if you have serious anger management issues, stop taking it out on your domestic pets and get hold of a copy.

Fans of the Red Faction franchise will already know that the game’s only real appeal is the fact that the environments are fully destructible. Whether you choose to blow a building apart piece by piece with a rocket launcher, detonate mines and watch it implode, or smash the foundations apart with a big lorry, you’ll be up to your ears in rubble for hours. The only problem with Red Faction: Guerrilla is that there’s not much else to do apart from demolish scenery, and after about 3 hours the novelty starts to wear off.

The fact that the game is now in 3rd person is a nice touch, but again, only because you get a better view as buildings are collapsing. The story is pretty dire and basically consists of a narrative loosely based on the film Total Recall. You assume the role of Alec Mason, a guy just looking to make a living on the surface of Mars who finds himself wrapped up in a rebellion to prise control of the plant back from the EDF. However cut-scenes leave you feeling restless and the open world format of RF:G feels a bit shallow. It is a fun game with plenty to do in the beginning, but the repetition does grate on you after a while. Overall, it’s not one of those titles you’ll be going back to time and time again.Red Faction: Guerrilla £16.79 @ SimplyGames [PS3 Games]

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