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Red Steel 2 £14.99 @ Game Connection [Wii Games]

Felix Kemp
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Red Steel 2 £14.99 @ Game Connection [Wii Games]

The Wii's shooter market has yet to find its Halo or Call of Duty, but the Red Steel franchise is still the closest thing they've got to a game that understands how the Wiimote should be used in conjunction with an on-screen pistol or sword. So if you're tired of shedding the pounds on Wii fit or longing for that next Zelda game, then why not take up Game Connection's offer for Red Steel 2 at £14.99

NB. Note that this version does not come bundled with Wii MotionPlus

The original Red Steel was a promising launch-title for the Wii, that somewhat over-promised on its ambitions. Adverts for the game showed people wielding the Wiimote like a sword or gun, and having their actions perfectly translated on-screen. It didn't quite fare as planned, and the game was panned by critics for its shoddy and unresponsive controls. Red Steel 2 looked to right these wrongs, and bolstered by the release of the much more accurate Wii MotionPlus add-on, they promised a title that would live up to the promises of its predecessor.

Red Steel 2 averaged a respectable 80 on MetaCritic, with Gaming Nexus even awarding the game a perfect score of 100! So did the developers finally achieved what they'd set out to do in 2006? Sort of. What the game succeeds in most is playing to its strengths. While sword-fighting isn't a like-for-like translation of your sweeping Wiimote arcs, it's a tactile and responsive mechanic with rewarding results. Gun-play is sharp and visceral, and the overall game is a vast improvement over the original, both in terms of controls and general quality, too.

Set in a pseudo Samurai-Western realm, where bandits in oriental gear wield katanas and brandish revolvers, against a backdrop of sweeping sand dunes and red-rock mesas. It's a wonderful aesthetic overall, playing to the Wii's limited strengths, producing an eclectic display of futuristic cities studding the desert amongst shanty towns and speeding motorbikes.

You begin the game simply known as Hero, although your current predicament isn't quite so heroic, dragged across the desert by a motorbike. You're fabled katana is stolen by the gang's leader, Payne, before you eventually escape. Hero resolves to retrieve his katana, inevitably at the loss of Payne's head, a factor he has no problem with. Hero encounters friend and foe alike, from a kindly sheriff who'll upgrade his weapons, to a villainous samurai hellbent on wiping out Hero's clan and uncovering the secrets to their fabled katanas.

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