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Red Steel 2 (inc. MotionPlus) Pre-Order £29.99 @ Amazon/Tesco [Wii Games]

Matt Gardner
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Red Steel 2 (inc. MotionPlus) Pre-Order £29.99 @ Amazon/Tesco [Wii Games]

The original Red Steel was criminally disappointing. After dreaming of flinging the Wiimote to and fro just a like a real sword, the game's interface proved only too quickly that this was not quite the one-to-one motion control we'd all been dreaming of. Despite that, it was still fun in places, which bodes well for a sequel built up around the Wii's new motion update: MotionPlus.

Red Steel 2 isn't out until late March, but if you did enjoy the first game, or if at least the original pricked your curiosity enough for this to warrant inspection, you might be pleased to know that two merchants are currently offering absurdly low prices for pre-orders. Both Amazon and Tesco are offering the game for £29.99, which is almost £15 cheaper than The Hut, behind in third place with a listing of £44.73. It's worth pointing out that the game will come bundled with a Wii MotionPlus attachment too.

Of the two, I'd personally plump for Amazon simply because I don't  think I've ever been let down by their delivery service, but it basically comes down to personal preference on this one I think as Tesco are generally fairly reliable, although certain Left 4 Dead 2 fans might not agree.

There have been a few tweaks to the system since Red Steel and hopefully for the better. The control system has been massively tuned-up thanks to Wii MotionPlus, although how accurate this will be remains to be seen, but encouragingly users will be able to calibrate the control system to their liking.

You'll now purportedly be able to take on six enemies at once, deflect bullets with your katana and, as with the original, switch between gun and sword at any moment. There's no multiplayer mode, though, with Ubisoft officially stating that it would have detracted from their work on the singleplayer campaign, which if it works I suppose is fair enough.

The first game didn't completely suck, and if Ubisoft have learnt their lesson (and hopefully studied the Swordplay mode on Wii Sports Resort), then this could be an absolute corker.

Thanks to supermetroid at HotUKDeals

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MattyPlant  Jan. 19, 2010 at 16:00

Should be a little gem with the motion plus this!


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